had been sent to attend the games are sisters, kim jong un, what route?

pyeongchang the opening of the games, the north korean delegation has arrived in south korea, a closely watched the beauty of"red"cheerleaders, except for north korea and sisters tomorrow for korea's kim jong un.

according to yonhap news agency reported that north korea high-level delegation will be on a visit to korea on 9 to 11, the delegation including kim jong un, younger sister, first deputy minister kim is the party central committee.

this is going to be the kim family members on south korean land for the first time.

a high-level delegation from north korea, kim yong-nam, the standing committee of the supreme people's assembly of the head, in addition to gold and is outside, the delegation also includes cui hui vice-chairman of the ruling workers' party, the motherland peaceful unification li shanquan, 16 supporting members of the commission and three journalists.

they will attend the opening ceremony of the olympics being held tomorrow(9).

gold and is

gold and it was mr kim's youngest daughter, was born in 1987, is the only mother and sister kim jong un.

gold and is graduated from kim il sung military university, named after kim il sung, the school is a place set up specifically for the korean people's army team officials education institutions.

gold is very close to the with kim jong un, from 1996 to 2000, this time two people together to go to school in switzerland.when studying in bern, switzerland, she and her brother, kim jong un, pseudonym for embassy staff in an international school to study english, german and french.

gold and are sweet looking, according to the bbc, a north korea expert michael madden says:

"gold and are sweet, kind personality, there is a little boy, is also grew up under the care, she attended school in switzerland, according to the gold and was once a mildly cold, is from the school to go to the hospital immediately."

gold and media attention is in december 2011, mr kim's funeral, she often appear together with brother kim jong un, follow closely behind his condolences to greet guests, although she is not a funeral constitute member.

gold and are occasionally appear in the spotlight in recent years, in 2014, kim jong un, the supreme people's assembly elected senator when she was also there.it is reported that gold and are already married with a common family background, a professor at the university of.

gold and was started in 2014 as a workers' party propaganda department in a key position, officially identified, its main job is to promote the image of the elder brother, kim jong un.in addition, she is responsible for the management, kim jong un, all public events, including travel and logistics, and acts as a political adviser.

", kim jong un, ivan card"

because of the blood, gold and is seen as a key figure of the north korean regime.when she spoke, the highest-level officials are listening to.

cnn reported that her political career rapid rise in the past four years.since 2014, when north korea's official official said gold and is"the korean workers' party central committee, vice minister", may 2016, elected the central committee;in october 2017, was promoted to the party of the political bureau of the central committee alternate committee member, become one of the youngest members of the labor party politburo member, formally entered the policymakers.

she is kim jong un in the regime's most trusted people, there is no other.

a analysis says,"if north korea want to out to the world and the olympic games as an opportunity of communication, gold and can be directly as the channel is connected directly to kim jong-un."

according to the new york times reported that south korean media called her a"ivan card", kim jong un, compare her influence to brother to ivanka trump's influence to the father.the winter olympic games, ivan cards are expected to attend the closing ceremony.

gold and it was in north korea, kim jong un, the only relative of the news media, often accompanied by brother take part in the national celebration, or"train"visit to factories and farms.

people often see her, kim jong un's speech in hand, or stand in the back, with a smile, and sometimes hilarious.while other senior officials stood by kim jong un, with a solemn expression.

three days to do this?

tomorrow to attend the opening ceremony, the next two days gold and with high-level delegation will have any plans?

according to yonhap news agency reported, in yin will meet on the 10 gold, north korea, with which is in high level delegation of a line, and have lunch.gold and letter are or want to kim jong un.

the blue house official said, the meeting and lunch location has not yet been determined, because both parties need to negotiate the content is more, will be announced after one by one, has been finalized by the government official volunteer groups to incheon airport to meet north korea regiment.

south korea's unification ministry, said in three days to visit korea schedule, don't rule out the possibility of contact with the vice president of the united states burns on the north korean delegation.

and according to the washington post, on behalf of the united states to attend the games of the vice president of the united states burns declined to say whether he will meet with north korean delegation.secretary of state, rex tillerson said,"we'll see if there's any suitable opportunity arises."

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