mr putin how many money?the latest answer out are so poor

it seems to many westerners, russia's richest man, is mr putin, it is said that how much a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, how much deposit, in how many banks, in ways not impossible you know anyway.

means trust, without always don't believe it.

mr putin actually how much money?the latest answer out of him.

because it is russia's presidential election next month, as a candidate for president vladimir putin, will own all the property to the public.

in the russian central election commission website, mr putin's property include:

1, during the past 6 years as president, mr putin's all income, including wages, soldiers, subsidies, etc., a total of 38.5 million rubles, total about 4.25 million yuan.

2, mr putin has 13 bank account, because i spent a lot of, now total deposits of 13824389.84 rubles, is about 1.527 million yuan.

3, in their hometown of st.petersburg, mr putin has a 77-square-meter apartment, 18 square meters and a garage.there is an apartment in the capital, moscow, mr putin.

4, mr putin has two soviet car(a 1960 production, production) in 1965, a 2009 production of lada niva vehicle, as well as a 1987 production of"happy,"the trailer.

2015, as oil prices tumbled and western sanctions, russia's economy is in crisis, mr putin's initiative to apply for 10% pay cut, salary change to 8.2 million rubles(rmb 900000).

that is to say, now belongs to mr putin's property(maybe divorce points out many), a total of 1.5 million yuan, and two sets of old house, four classic car.

of course, mr putin in the kremlin, don't need to buy a house.otherwise, by now in beijing on a 100-square-meter house millions that level, to mr putin's few income, should can't afford it.

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