during the spring festival to the peninsula to implement three coup to tackle big china

not long ago, the united states reached out to north korea to ease the relationship, when the world expect peace comes, the united states and go back on our word now.the united states does not want peninsula peace, because arms dealer does not allow, oligarchs are not allowed.in china the spring festival approaching, the united states to poison again, and try to give us spring festival atmosphere is difficult.the united states to give out a few tips, is all true for real.

on january 12, the united states with 17 i borrow"weapons of mass destruction proliferation security agreement"in a joint statement, promised to intercept ships and cargo of violating sanctions;on january 16, put aside, and the two big parties in the united states, said to continue to maintain maximum pressure on north korea, to prevent the situation in north korea by warm machine to evade international sanctions;on january 30, trump again, in the first state of the union address to"maximize"pressure on north korea, said"carl vinson"aircraft carrier battle group in pyeongchang winter games before the opening into the sea of the korean peninsula.

it is clear that the united states is to hegemony advantage, make chaos peninsula without war, thus can achieve difficult chinese, the purpose of disrupting peninsula and long-term presence in the region, form a necessary deterrent.but china has clearly see through the measurement, a few tips waiting for us.a coup, the resultant force, the cooperation between china and russia.the coup, actively campaigned for more support to the outside world through the essence of the united states.coup three, appropriate buffer hold the united states.

we know that the world's most dangerous conflicts are from the united states, because of the hegemony of the united states and is against the hegemony countries, formed the sharp opposition, produced a lot of unrest.north korea has a long history, the united states has been in the use of military pressure and all may force the north korean regime overthrown means of implementation of multidimensional threat to northeast asia peace.we can be sure to understand:even if the north korean regime, nominally be south korea's unification, the peninsula is also impossible to leave, will not reduce its strategic weapons in peninsula, on the contrary, dominant america, japan and the united states strengthened its joint military exercises, to strengthen its military deployment in the peninsula, with direct deterrence between china and russia...a clear understanding that china and russia are!north and south korea, is a matter of experience.

especially south korea, it would not do the victim of the big game, once the new dynasty war, it is more than the general victim, but to become the real cannon fodder!help it unified don't know the united states on the north korea, south korea, only national reconciliation have a way out, so it has the positive response to north korea to release the reconciliation of goodwill, also want to have destiny in our own hands.china resolutely opposed and sanctions against north korea nuclear power, but also in china resolutely opposed and alert us in peninsula conspiracy war.peninsula peace accord with relevant national common interests, obviously, america and japan is still in the destruction!

times have changed, also will only be making his mark in the united states, also can only be futile in the peninsula do, has been to the united states to fight wars, and then, and inappropriate for the united states was, the united states can also how to play?america is only a compromise, show much lose more instead, as is the way those routes, only then can be profitable.cooperatedwith stamped on the right hand left hand south korea and russia japan eyes staring at the north korea psychological prevention in china!this is a thinking in the united states and the younger brother!

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