idi amin a ugandan the wonderful work the most ridiculous tyrant!told the queen

idi amin was born in the northwestern region of uganda today, because the local poor, specific date of birth is not recorded, so he was born about 1925 years.go about his father, the mother;at the age of 16 converted to islam;at the age of 17 in the british colonial 1948, because the british people have a favorable to him, amin officially put on the british colonial army uniforms, as british afrika korps 4th battalion corporal.

later studied in wiltshire, a county of england infantry school, after graduation, he became the rank of 1954 promoted to the rank of sergeant.on october 9, 1962, independent 1966, amin became uganda deputy commander in chief of the armed forces.on january 25, 1971, when mr berlusconi president to visit abroad, amin a military coup, self-appointed president.

amin has formal 36, the son of daughter to how many illegitimacy textual research is not clear, may be countless.he has 13 wife.he left one of his thought of"not obedient"after his wife to death, dismembered body segment in a pocket.then he ordered the man to his wife body take out, and was put to a table, the purpose is to let his children to see, what are the consequences of disobedience.

in order to deal with mr berlusconi supporters of former president, amin used the very means of terror.he told the"dangerous"officers sentenced to capital punishment.former army chief omar suleiman, brigadier general hu, who was jailed after being hit, and die with, who is the head is back to kampala, luxurious palace, amin put it in a freezer, often take out to enjoy,"for a dialogue"with his enemies.

one day dinner in august 1972, vip and foreign envoys and to.amin amin walk-out, a moment later, portable houthi, head back to the table, he shouted at the head, with a knife stabbed, about in the above and then put all the guests before the banquet accordance with the command amin punishing"traitor", who is accused of"mr berlusconi guerrillas"to publicly executed, before shot to be stripped of clothes, dig out the eyes, and take hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the execution ground.amin rule during the eight years of uganda, there are at least 300000 ugandans die under his hand.

amin in five months time to wipe out almost all excellent officers.he used his tribal people to serve as an officer.cooks, drivers, janitor instantly became a major and colonel.amin never issued ren mingzhuang, but simply said:"you is major today!"whenever the death of their opposition, amin hard-drinking, side likes playing the accordion, while singing songs during the second world war.he likes to claim to be"the great father".

he ordered a nationwide arrest people sharing with mr berlusconi, then be put to death in the name of"o"is more than ten thousand people.the soldiers had no time to bury the dead, simply thrown into the nile or the body directly feed the crocodiles.jinja hydropower station even stop power generation for many times, because the body blocked the water pipe.amin even to do business with the dead bodies, he asked the relatives of the deceased for, if they work out enough money, you can accept corpse, if do not have enough money, deprived of all their property.

on august 4, 1972, amin to universal claims that his dream of allah, allah"requirements"drive away the asian country, because they are"vampire"in uganda.then he announced that the asian people must leave uganda in ninety days, and only carry$100 from leaving the country.asians in uganda, there are fifty thousand people at that time.confusion surrounds the asians, ugandan soldiers broke into their home tidy up thing to"help", this is since the clear daylight robbery.

amin watched all this in the duo to the limousine.he later for fun, but also with fresh meat to entertain their guests, in this regard, only the central african emperor bokassa can compare with him.amin think intellectuals are a threat to teachers, scholars, writers, journalists, was sidelined, university teachers are emigrating, marco university almost half empty.

amin also daring, declared himself king of scotland, there was another call uganda geographical center of the earth, suggested that the united nations headquarters moved to another time, he has a crush on the queen of england, had sent a telegram to my queen, said"dear queen, if you want to know about a real man, then the capital kampala come to me".when the queen's birthday, he presented to the queen a shameless, asked the queen to her old underwear gave him as a gift.

the amin then banned cosmetics and wigs, someone said to amin, black wig is made from killed in vietnam the american black hair, he believe such nonsense.amin also banned in kampala wear sandals, two offenders were ordered to eat his own shoes.

on april 11, 1979, battered by national liberation front in uganda, the tyrant has to take its own aircraft, fled to libya under gaddafi's asylum, exile and later settled in saudi arabia.on july 16, 2003, a 78-year-old amin because suffer from kidney disease died in saudi arabia.(like a lot of attention, thumb up, a lot of collection, forward and comment, thank you!my other articles also is very good, welcome to read!)

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