the philippines: thank you we will chinese-made island!

now we build man-made island in the south china sea in china while"trouble", but one day the philippines will be"appreciated"artificial island built by china.

the philippine presidential spokesman harry ˙ locke on february 7th franco ˙ horse class stack access to make the above said.supporters of president ma class stack is du teer.

locke said:"when china finally stop making island that day comes, we will be grateful for china to build these reefs."

he said, if we can request to leave china, obviously, the final will be our these artificial island.

aquino administration, the philippine government said that china's artificial island in the south china sea about 300 acres have been destroyed, the equivalent of two jose rizal park area of coral reefs.

philippine foreign ministry said at the time, the economic losses of$one hundred million, or 4.45 billion pesos(rmb 570 million).

7 philippine presidential palace, said although china in the disputed south china sea, but the government did not show weakness in china.

criticism:"in the maintenance of the rich resources of the south china sea sovereignty issues, du teer government didn't work hard enough", and even suggested that the choice of dealing with the asian military power is very limited.philippine presidential palace dismissed the criticism.

southeast asian foreign ministers of china in the south china sea"military", the president's spokesman locke replied:"our government has not weakness for china."

10 asean member states of the ministers, said on tuesday that china's continued in the south china sea reclamation has undermined trust in the us a few countries, this may lead to tension in the region.

the asean foreign ministers in the presidency, conducted a one-day meeting in singapore, but they did not mention the name of the chinese in a statement.

, singapore's foreign minister in sinan vivienne ballack said in a statement, the ministers noted that other ministers of the reclamation of the area and activities expressed concern that such activities damaged the trust and confidence, aggravated tensions, and could undermine the peace, security and stability of the region.

in december last year china said in a statement, the construction of the parts of the south china sea belong to"normal"activity.earlier, an american think-tank has released new satellite images, showed a deployment in the region of radar and other equipment.

since last met with the association of south-east asian nations(asean), china has agreed to conduct negotiations in this area, and ballack sinan warned that this is a"complex negotiations".

the philippine daily inquirer newspaper morning were published in china in the spratly islands 7 artificial islands nearly completed the close-up of the military installations.

locke last monday was asked to respond to these photos.he said:"whether we like it or not, they have been going to put here as a military base, so what do you want to say let's?we can do is to believe that china's commitment to believe that it will not build any new man-made island."

locke told reporters today, asean foreign ministers speech is not contrary to the philippines to improve relations with china's position.

locke said:"the association of south-east asian nations(asean) are looking to complete the south china sea code of conduct".

"we have an established policy...we are the association of south-east asian nations(asean), we also recognize that asean countries concerns-that is the west philippine sea(south china) freedom of navigation.the south china sea is one of the busiest waterways in the to maintain the peace, security and stability, are all issues of common interest."

source:the world journal

edit:chen hui

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