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local time on february 6, 2018, cape canaveral, florida, to ferry company founder elon musk to attend the press the world's strongest thrust rocket, earlier today, to raise successful launch of falcon heavy rockets, and iron man musk also finished his will, that is give to the space the tesla's roadster.figure/visual china

ranking with a net worth of 20.4 billion global rich 54;tesla 14 years most of the losses, as of september 30, 2017 in the three months losses of$619.4 million

the time on february 6, the kennedy space center in florida in the united states, tesla ceo, billionaire, elon musk, raise rocket project"falcon heavy"carrier rocket launch smoothly, with musk red roadster, and wearing a spacesuit mannequins, hundreds of millions of years will orbit around the sun.

at that time, once thought"stupid"and interesting rocket project, musk into the change of the space industry heroes"innovation", the success of this project, not only make to carry into the era of commercial space, also let him away from his own goal a step closer to make hundreds of millions of people living in space.

praised, another of his industry tesla revealed recently, according to the 2017 fourth quarter earnings prospects for the past year losses continue to expand, delayed delivery of the model 3 let tesla into a bigger financial crisis.

as of beijing time on february 7, musk in real-time the forbes rich list with a net worth of$20.4 billion, ranking the world the air, and profit for musk, which thing is easier?now, it seems, is obviously the former.


spend over$500 million on"the falcon heavy"

the time on february 6, is located in the united states at the kennedy space center in florida, a new large american rocket into space.but this time, nasa is not involved in.falcon rocket founded by ferry company, the company founded by billionaire entrepreneur elon musk and operate.was sent into space, and musk red convertible sports car, the car hanging inspections on a space suit model of the human body.

rocket approximately seven hours after takeoff, musk twitter, rocket propulsion for the third time the combustion is very successful, has been successful over the orbit of mars, continue to travel to the asteroid belt.

according to the new york times reported that the turbocharged version of the falcon heavy rockets have been carrying in space for too long, it marks a significant milestone in space flight, this is a powerful rocket, the first time send into space by a private company, not a government space agencies.

the rocket into space by private company, means that the business of commercial attempt.since 2010, the inspections have been sending small falcon rocket into orbit, deployed on satellite and delivery the goods on the international space station crew.capsules with lower prices and reusable booster, disrupted the global launch services, commercial operation space carrier for the first time.

according to musk, expects his company spent more than$500 million on the falcon heavy, and said the plan was almost cancelled three present, the inspections have arabsat for saudi arabia communication company and the united states air force due to the heavy aircraft.

it is important to note that the launch of the falcon heavy single space x launch costs only$90 million.its competitors, united launch alliance(ula)"delta iv rocket launch prices up to$400 million at a time, and sls rocket(is also a kind of disposable rocket), every launch prices up to$1 billion.

at present, musk, there are mainly four companies:private space vehicle, electric car manufacturing company solarcity tesla, photovoltaic power generation companies and"tunneling"firm the boring company.

the solarcity has acquired by tesla in 2016, and the boring start-up company, musk in ted2017 conference calls to the company just put in the work of 2% 3%, at present most of the energy is still concentrated in tesla and capsules.

in other words, to raise and tesla is the core of his business empire.

in 2001, musk began to learn how to make the rockets.that time, he tried to talks with the russians, ready to launch its own rockets, after the negotiations failed, launched to raise musk in june, 2002.

before the ferry co-founder jim cantrell, musk used to start decide a goal at work, and in the prophase invest a lot of energy to understand whether what is specific objective, feasible;then musk can touch to through all channels, as much as possible about the target area, involved the same about the new field of the rocket.since 2001, when two people are beginning to cooperation, musk borrowed him all about the rocket propulsion system of colleges and universities teaching material, also hired him to work in the field of rockets and spacecraft several former colleagues.

however, compared with the previous rapid success experience, to raise after the establishment of the underdog."falcon 1"rocket head the initial test flights have failed three times, at the end of 2008, musk only enough for a rocket launch, if it fails, space x will go bankrupt, but fortunately, in september of that year, the fourth rocket launch successful, musk got nasa a$1.6 billion contract, and ease the inspections of the financial crisis.


want to save humanity"heterogeneous"

in the eyes of the outside world, musk is a type of jobs controversial figure-the ability to talent, also correspondingly has a typical genius character flaws.

in former capsules talent acquisition department leadership dolly singh, it is not easy to work with musk, musk extremely strict to own request, is also strict with his employees,"the biggest challenge is that musk can do it like a machine(generally) effectively, but other people can't do".

"crowned"zhihu, foreign q&a site site, there is a question, how do you like bill gates, elon musk and others as successful.

musk's ex-wife, writer justine musk under this question answered, success comes from the extreme personality, and many other need to give up,"they are more like a heterogeneous, was forced to the challenge of the unusual way to survive in this world...they don't want to want to ordinary people, from different perspective, the release of new ideas.others will think they are a little madness".

there are media reports said,"the madman"musk at the age of 14, he decided that his life mission is to save humanity.since then, he has repeatedly confirmed the belief to the media,"save humanity".

reading, became the lay the belief is important one an interview at a later date, musk mentioned read science fiction writer asimov's"base"series, and the hitchhiker, these two works in human in space adventure theme.

"i grew up in the reading, and then the parenting".for musk was born in south africa, he engineer father and a dietician and model the role of mother in childhood is not prominent.after her parents divorced, he followed his father to continue living in south africa.

hope to save humanity musk, boyhood had been subjected to rolling stone magazine in an exclusive interview with musk at the end of last year, he mentioned that he is very long period of time is the youngest in the class and grade, size is also the youngest child,"the gang will chase me in the school,"until he learned to fight back, began to grow, the situation to ease.

17 years after high school, musk came to canada to study, after the turn into the university of pennsylvania, has made the wharton school of economics and physics bachelor's degree in two., musk began to think about what issues are most likely to affect human beings in the future, in the end, he focused on three areas:internet, renewable energy and space.

the internet, help him get the life first bucket of gold.

musk, 24, dropped 1995, in the entrance on the second day, musk abandoned at stanford university, majoring in applied physics and materials science, start a business.ashley vance(musk biography"iron man"in silicon valley, the author) attributes musk move to"can't resist the temptation of the internet".

in 1995, founded the zip2 together musk and brother, this is a similar internet yellow pages business directory system;four years later, zip2 takeover, musk gain of$20 million.

a startup is not over.

musk turned to the second project, launched an online bank,, this is universally accepted paypal later.after the merger rivals, musk its name, since then, he is regarded as a global pioneer in the field of electronic 2002, ebay buy paypal, musk for$180 domestic trading services platform yeepay pay co-founder of yu chen has said that it was paypal's story has inspired the team's entrepreneurial inspiration.

two acquisitions left money for musk.this time, he chose the other two of the three areas:electric cars and rocket, the former energy return, the latter to the space.


shares 8 years rose nearly 20 times behind:14 years most of the losses of

this is capsules into space and musk red tesla roadster.

in 2003, musk met electric car lovers jb straubel, and in a year later invested in tesla.just, relative to soar to ferry, elon musk's tesla business recently encountered bottleneck.

tesla 14 years, almost always at a loss.tesla listed since 2010, only in the first quarter of 2013 and the third quarter of 2016 to achieve the profit.tesla issued in 2017, according to the balance sheet in the fourth-quarter tesla outflow of cash flow has been increasing in recent years.and the model s and x sales, in the four seasons are a great quarter-on-quarter decline, fourth-quarter sales number less than 2016 half.

beijing news reporter query tesla results found that, in 2017 tesla's loss more than of september 30, 2017 in the three months losses of$619.4 million.although musk said in 2011 the company no longer financing, but many analysts say, tesla will continue to finance.

in addition, according to the tesla motors club and teslastats norway's data, from last october to january this year, estimates of registered users rose sharply.while the model 3 in addition to deliveries, profitability is also a big focus, because capacity has not been solved, had earlier promised to be completed by the end of 2017, 10000 charging piles, the construction progress is less than 9000.tesla's cash crisis mainly comes from the model 3 capacity, cost far more than expected, critics said tesla basic"sell one lose one".

in late january, the board of directors of the tesla announced compensation agreement of musk, if he is to meet the new targets in 2028, he will receive nearly$60 billion in revenue.

but in order to realize the challenge of tesla's board of directors, musk to two measures:first, tesla's market value to$650 billion, is the current level of more than 10 times.second, tesla need to increase revenues of$175 billion, is almost 15 times forecast 2017 earnings, or before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization, generated$14 billion in revenue, the income may function as much as$500 million last year, has for its object the one over twenty-eight.

means the compensation agreement, if the musk achieve revenue targets, tesla sales to more than 2 million vehicles, but in fact, winters' carts sold only 100000 cars last year.

as of beijing time on february 7, tesla's latest closing price of$333.63, the total value of 56.129 billion.that figure rather than the end of june 2010 compared to$17 per share ipo price, up 1963.53%.

beijing news reporter ren jiao luo dan zhu yue also grace

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