kim jong un pie younger sister to visit korea designated by a big deal

the latest news, reported north korea north korea high-level delegate list, including younger sister, kim jong un, gold and positive.

changan avenue governor app, found that the dprk delegation list, after the south korea were encouraging, a the korean media released the news quickly.earlier, south korean president in yin has called for the dprk-us dialogue, may be done by her during the olympics.

by the chairman of the presidium of the standing committee delegation kim yong-nam will lead a team, in addition to gold and is, there are national sports steering committee chairman, vice chairman of the ruling workers' party cui hui and korea towards the north korean delegation and high-level talks li shanquan of the commission for the motherland's peaceful reunification.according to the british broadcasting corporation reported wednesday, gold and are will attend pyeongchang winter olympics opening ceremony.

left for gold and is in turn, kim yong-nam, cui hui, li shanquan

changan avenue governor of app discovery, it will be gold and are first widely expected, she has become, kim jong un, one of the most important decision makers.

to be held in october last year in the workers' party of korea seven second plenary meeting, gold and are becoming alternate members of the political bureau of the party.two months later, when to attend the labor party branch chairman of the meeting, gold and is sitting in the position of the presidium, sit with kim jong un, and only four people.

the front right for gold and is

gold and is believed to be born in 1987, is close to kim jong un, and his two children had at the same time studying in bern, switzerland.the japanese fujimoto, a former chef of kim jong il in his memoirs, at a young age is gold and very spoiled by kim jong il.

the north korea expert at the johns hopkins university, said michael madden gold and is being described as sweet and kind personality.

in 2012, gold and is gradually increased the number of public november 2012, she accompanied with aunt, kim jong un to the 534th squadron training inspection;in july 2012, she and kim jong un, ri sol ju couple to attend the completion ceremony of the playground where people;in april 2013, kim jong un attend the 81th anniversary of the korean people's army, she also accompany in side.

as the central alternate committee member, gold and is also often appear in the kim jong un, visited the official report.last year on october 29, gold and is working with kim jong un couple visited a cosmetics factory together.kcna news agency and the"labor news"reported that gold and it is as a workers' party central committee is in charge of cadres accompanied kim jong un, visited the factory.

after local media for gold and is whether to attend the olympics much speculation usually, and, according to the analysis once, kim jong un, sent her trip means that north korea will actively conduct inter-korean dialogue.

just two days ago, gold and are also attended a winter olympics related activities.5, samjiyon orchestra led by colonel xuansong month north korea art troupe to visit korea, including north korea's top officials in gold and is personally to see art troupe off.

there are, according to the analysis of gold and is mainly accompanied kim jong un responsible for protocol arrangement, and propaganda work.

cnn had previously quoted officials as saying to the white house, the president of the united states daughter ivanka trump will attend the closing ceremony of the winter olympics pyeongchang, but has not yet been confirmed by us officials.

korean media speculation, gold and is working with ivan could contribute to north korea and the united states"the first family members met for the first time.and that is exactly what the south korean president in yin have been hoping to see the scene.

at present, in addition to gold and is of high level official delegation, pyeongchang games delegation teams is basic in korea.north korea sports phase jin riguo 7 morning said in an interview with reporters, hope to work together to do good pyeongchang north korea olympic winter games.

gold and is the first visit of what changes will bring inter-korean relations, is worth looking forward to.

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