go abroad is the princess back home to be the queen led the crumbling of the british empire recovery

on february 6, 2018, britain's queen elizabeth ii in 66, he began to reign, and he than her grandmother was 63 year of the reign of queen victoria is longer, for the longest reign in british history.at the same time, queen elizabeth ii is the commonwealth in 16 countries of nominal head of state, under a population of 138 million, is the oldest kings ruled countries.in october 2016, the former thai king bhumibol adulyadej's death, elizabeth ii became the world's longest reigning monarch.

queen victoria

the reign of queen elizabeth ii is suddenly, february 6, 66 years ago, in 1952 britain's king george vi died in their sleep late sandrine bony ham palace.when in foreign 25 crown princess elizabeth haste to become britain's queen elizabeth ii.

in february 1952 after he ascended the throne, elizabeth in kenya a hunting ranch back to london.she left with the princess identity, became the queen of england once again set foot on british soil.

elizabeth had a trip to the british kenya, australia and other countries at this time, george vi died in kenya, her of edinburgh, prince philip and the news she had become queen told her the news.june 2, 1953, queen elizabeth ii officially crowned at westminster abbey in london, at that time she said"i hereby declare that all my life, whether long or short, will be dedicated to the people and the country."she really in practice the promise with his own life, to february 6, 2018, has to perform in 66.now elizabeth ii is the longest reigning monarch in history.

on february 6, the day he reigned for queen elizabeth ii is sad, this day is her father, george vi's death, but also for this reason the queen never since he began to reign in celebrating this day.in 66 years she didn't turn up in front of the public on this day, but stay in his father's death sandrine bony ham palace to mourn the death of the father.above for young elizabeth george vi with his father.

more than half a century, the british influence wane, fundamental changes have taken place in british society, the existence of the royal family itself even questioned.but for many, the queen became a symbol the spirit of perseverance.led by elizabeth ii hue of the british empire into the commonwealth and the former dynasty of great britain has become a common european royal family.

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