former iraqi president saddam hussein lost 12 years bow down before him like the women of prayer?

the girl in the heart of good father

[reading] on march 20, 2003, the us and uk citing hidden in iraq has weapons of mass destruction, in the case of without authorization from the united nations, the brazen the war in iraq, not the justice of the war to the united states condemned by most countries and people.on december 13, 2003, saddam hussein captured by us troops.then, on saddam hussein has carried on the examination and approval in nearly three years, december 30, 2006 hanged by iraqi authorities.saddam hussein has been reluctant to believe, think interrogation is acting, was sentenced to hang, also shouted long live iraq.

the once prosperous beyond 】

once charming night at baghdad

during the reign of mr samuelson, the local people's life and there is no gulf now what don't, mr samuelson, led by iraq is relatively strong, strive to build a mr samuelson put their country into a than the developed countries.appeared in the 1980 s, iraq's land crisscrossed the freeways, rural areas have also established a irrigation system, even the most remote villages on the electricity.over time, he also treat this kind of"father"the role of empathy to the iraqi people, act as the father of iraqis.he would often through television and other forms to the iraqis"advice", put forward to all aspects of life.for example, he will share their tips on personal hygiene, so a lot of support saddam saddam hussein's iraq people often compared to his father.

"liberation of women's rights"

the pride of the iraqi women

saddam hussein during his tenure has set about iraqi women's situation, through a series of measures, iraqi women style and earth-shaking changes have taken place in the social status, women enjoy many preferential treatment.they and men have the same school and jobs, in baghdad university, more than half are girls.they can hold public office, a quarter of the national employment is female, the employment rate is second to none in the middle east.they can be free to travel alone, even at night can also go out shopping, can accompany my family have a picnic in the park, on the tigris restaurant meal together.

in free

women can wear black as a cloak, is under the fashionable dress, can show the beautiful leg.the entire arab countries only iraqi woman can choose dress.

【 memorial 】 in the women's

now all bow down for saddam hussein baghdad square women

after the death of saddam hussein, these are no longer exists, the women are no longer allowed freedom in iraq is dress, also no longer easily get chance to work and go out to work, all that i do not know when to come understood after saddam was arrested, heard the news of the local women was bullied, this let mr samuelson was very angry, mr samuelson in prison directly into a furious rage, he at the time of trial and asked the judge, he said to directly, if he has power, iraq if this happens, whoever, he would immediately into the prison.ten years after his death, local people began to recognize the importance of mr samuelson, a lot of people said that they need to iron as mr samuelson's character.on his death, the local women directly with mr samuelson bow down the centerpiece of mourning, she sobbed why directly to dispose, iraqi president gave americans the heart of these people thinking?

this kind of situation is can use a word to describe, that is the only know to cherish after losing, in this kind of helpless situation, believes that many people are very confused, the experience in addition to iraq, believe that in some countries also can experience.

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