chinese american or terminate chain immigration one-child family business dilemma


china overseas network on february 7 according to the world journal reported that the president of the united states for the first time the state of the union address, trump again caused part of the public concern about the us immigration policy tightening, for days about parents and brothers and sisters immigrants to the road more and more uncertain issues, to continue in the chinese community fermentation, including end in addition to the spouses and children of the family immigration, cancel the draw a green card, to improve technical threshold issues such as immigration, many chinese expressed the concerns of the different levels and angles.

but chinese law circles thinks, current immigration in terminate chain trump, largely in view of the"dream"to stay in the united states exchange, unfortunately hurt groups are legitimate interests;other people think, a number of new immigration policy should be bundled through, may not be easy.

"basically no country in the world, can understand empathy to mainland china after 80 and 80 after this batch of only children", the city of monterey park farm machines which huazi company are waiting for the green card miss zhang said, and this group of people on the peak again in mainland china to study abroad, tens of thousands of people in the united states.

this batch of people gradually gain a firm foothold in the united states after, will inevitably involve the parents later in life is to continue to stay in china, or travel to the united states to reunite with their children.because they are devoid of other children in china, miss zhang thinks, if the parents immigration roads are cut off, a large number of chinese students have to parents in china and the united states to make a choice between career.

at stanford university postdoctoral blair school from central plains in china, said the united states has been said that the immigration reform to give way to high-tech talent, so to abolish family immigration, the end of the immigrants in the lottery.however, a lot of people, under the influence of related technical personnel of high-tech industry in all parts of the united states.such as he and his wife will face the same problem, two people are engaged in high-tech research, are only children, are facing a man take care of the present situation of the two old people.blair school said, different national conditions between china and the united states, children can't let go no matter care for elderly parents.if you want to force them to choose, there will be some people choose to return a result, the united states does not still lost high-tech talent?even stay in the united states, may also want to worry about parents in china, every now and then fly back to china to visit, these people will not be able to work one hundred percent.

is the alhambra visit beijing guo said that she is 55 years old retire, now there are at least two or three months of the year to the united states with his daughter,"actually, we did not expect to rob the american welfare, just worried about children", ms.guo believes that america could prohibit family immigration to come over to receive benefits, but completely family immigration card dead, as if also is wrong,"said ten thousand steps back, if you do decide to card dead, parents can't immigrants take green card, at least to do a visa for a long time, such as 20 years without renewal".

but also said after 80, american green card is difficult to take over the years, i was feeling frustrated, she from abroad to work, has stayed up nearly eight years, green card is still in waiting for.after the dia kay from sichuan province 80 only miss her, said her parents actually have no interest to the long-term living,"every time the united states feel that my life is particularly poor, urged every time i returned the development".

miss fang said that she is a best friend home two years ago, was only going to look, have never thought back.back home she employed a web development company dedicated to write wechat large soft wen, 60000 yuan a piece, the monthly income than the average american graduate students in new job twice as much, never want to back to the united states.

miss fang believes that if the us really cut off parents immigration, she does not rule out return to country development.

senior lawyers 蔡玟 hui believes that terminate chain immigration new immigration policy, largely for exchange of"dream"become a citizen of the united states, is not a legal waiting for u.s.citizens, unfortunately, many chinese concerns.she said the united states government wants to america's interests, is the mood of the american immigration policy adjustment;but if cut off a citizen of the united states immigration policy, parents also violate immigration spirit, she believes that the new immigration policy in the future will also try to calculate the balance between the two, make better adjustment, both the profit of the united states, also has the human nature.

senior lawyer zhang thinks, if will make 1.8 million commitments to become american citizen, a$25 billion grant to build walls, the end of the chain of immigration, limit diversity visas, such as four, together, i'm afraid it's not easy to achieve a goal.(he)

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