the philippines into china and the second iron?du teer: foreigners to i leave bingham uplift

a cabinet official said on tuesday, president of the philippines du teer swell, has ordered the philippine navy in the philippines(bingham uplift) away all the foreign fishing ship or research.

the philippines agriculture minister eman noor skin, noel said du teer, on february 5th night cabinet meeting, ordered to stop foreign scientists in underwater plateau east of luzon all marine exploration and research.

du teer told his cabinet members:"i clear again-bingham uplift belongs to us.all the so-called 'open to all bingham uplift of innuendo should be as the end of this declaration."

du teer, ordered the navy in the deployment of ships, the air force flight inspections in the field, and to check whether there is any foreign body.

fisheries and aquatic resources bureau also be to send the multi-function offshore ship lapu-lapu and francisco dagohoy monitoring the presence of foreign ships in the region.

skin noel said, in a foreign country a"junior diplomat said in a statement after the"whole bingham uplift does not belong to the philippines", du teer immediately issued the command.

du teer said:"in the future, only filipino scientists can study and explore the bingham uplift."

except air force planes and naval vessels, luzon military base control of unmanned aerial vehicle(uav) will also be monitoring the change of the region.

it is reported that the philippines foreign ministry allowed chinese study on marine science in bingham uplift caused controversy.

the philippines foreign minister kaye napolitano defended position quickly, the more stressed state requirements are studied, the better for the philippines.

bingham uplift area of about 13 million hectares is being claimed is part of the exclusive economic zone in the philippines, another 12 million hectares is part of the extended continental shelf of the country.

according to article seventy-seven of the united nations convention on the law of the provisions of the first paragraph, a country on the"continental"has"exploration and development of natural resources"sovereignty.

the united nations convention on the law shows that"referred to in paragraph 1 of the right are exclusive, that is, if not coastal countries exploration or exploitation of natural resources, so if not for the coastal state explicit consent, anyone shall not engage in activities which are these".

philippine presidential palace:not just application process more strictly

in du teer president ordered that all the uplift in the philippines(also known as bingham uplift) foreign team left, the presidential palace to clarify:this instruction is not a comprehensive ban.

i hope in the submarine plateau bingham uplift for marine science research foreign team can still apply to the philippine foreign ministry.foreign research team still need to get the philippine national security adviser in silks shimron personal endorsement.

locke said in a press conference:"du teer president said:although the current all scientific research license void, any new research, in addition to the need to apply to the inter-departmental technical working group, also need to apply to the national security advisor office alone."

noel agriculture minister skin on the face the book said:du teer, the president has ordered all foreign team stop the marine exploration in the area.the president announced on monday night in a cabinet meeting this instruction.

on the other hand, locke said during a cabinet meeting did not discuss this issue, because it is not on the agenda.

locke said:"du teer president opens a cabinet meeting, perhaps because the philippines has the undisputed sovereignty of the bingham uplift and all research has finished, so we should claim that only people can enter the philippines."

according to the un convention on the law, a foreign team will still freedom of navigation in the area, but not to explore and develop the natural resources of the region.

the end of the study of bingham uplift

china ended after bingham uplift of marine scientific research, du teer has issued the above instructions.

it is reported that the philippine foreign ministry allowed china team in bingham uplift(part of the extended continental shelf) in the philippines for marine science research, it sparked controversy.

last month, china's foreign ministry has confirmed that:china's"scientific"research vessel will go to the philippines in the east china sea to carry on the research.according to the plan, china's research vessel, on february 25th january 24 solstice during research.

locke said on tuesday morning's foreign ministry told him that china has ended the scientific research, the current has no foreign teams in the area of research.

locke said:"the president said that china has come to an all foreign research teams have ended, the region will be open only to the philippines team."this before its claims of"foreign teams can reapply for scientific research"the paradox.

the limits of the continental shelf of the united nations committee announced the bingham uplift is part and parcel of the extended continental shelf in the philippines, the philippines for the foreign team of more than 30 license was issued to allow them to study in the area.

the ministry of foreign affairs, according to data released since 2004, the philippines has passed the united states, china, japan and south korea's application for research.

source:the world journal

edit:chen hui

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