mr putin announced balance sheets: six income than two curtilage four cars

in russia's presidential election on the eve of this year, the russian central election commission website the leading candidate mr putin in the past six years the income and checklists of properties.

according to the russian satellite news agency reported that putin's property list include the income such as salary, soldiers, subsidies, as well as bank deposits, a total of 38.5 million roubles(rmb 4.25 million).

it is understood that mr putin has 13 bank accounts, its total deposits is 13824389.84(rmb 1.527 million).

in terms of housing, mr putin's property including an apartment located in st.petersburg, covers an area of 77 square meters, 18 square meters and a addition, he in moscow and a building area of 153.7 square meters of apartment.

in terms of transportation, mr putin has a production of gaz 1960-21 car, two cars respectively in 1965 and 2009 production of lada niva off-road vehicles, as well as a 1987 production of"happy,"the trailer.

, the overseas network reported in november 2008, the then russian president dmitry medvedev by constitutional amendment to extend the presidency for six years.on march 7, 2012, russia's central election commission announced the presidential election results, announced that vladimir putin as russia's new president.

according to news agency earlier reported that face the nation mired in economic crisis, mr putin in march 2015, take the initiative to apply for 10% pay cut, salary change to 8.2 million rubles(rmb 900000).

in fact, compared with the rest of the world leaders, mr putin's income is not high.

business insider site statistics in 2015 too many leaders annual rankings, putin for$136000(rmb 850000) ranked ninth.singapore prime minister lee hsien loong for$1.7 million(rmb 10.63 million) away in the first place, then us president barack obama to$400000(rmb 2.5 million) in second place.

but noses at the current president of the united states seems to trump the more than$400000.on september 17, 2015, according to the web, or presidential candidate trump propaganda, said the president's$400000 annual salary for him, it's not a big deal, if elected president, his hair.trump by doing developers, real estate, and to make reality tv programmes such as the accumulation of wealth, with$4.1 billion worth in the united states financial magazine forbes global rich ranked 405th.trump also said that after confirm to run their own net worth of$10 billion.

with the elections on march 18, election day is coming, is widely expected to mr putin will be re-elected.after a number of authoritative survey, mr putin's popularity is far ahead.for the presidential election, mr putin also joked on february 1, if the election fails, he has been to find their own good way to earn a living, is to be a harvester driver.

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