russia before the election, vladimir putin announced property: deposit dollars two suites of four vehicles

[observer network comprehensive coverage 】 is russia's presidential election next month, the russian president vladimir putin has been registered as one of the candidates.

in accordance with the law, recently, putin unveiled his financial condition.he has about$240000 in deposits, two apartments and four vehicles(including a trailer).

mr putin has become the next presidential candidate photo source:russian satellite news agency

according to itar-tass reported on february 7, the russian central election commission website announced 6, mr putin's income and checklists of properties.he in the past six years the total revenue of a total of 38.5 million roubles(about$675000, 4.23 million yuan).

these income includes salary, soldiers, subsidies, as well as bank deposits, etc.

itar-tass reported screenshot

mr putin 13 a bank account, deposits of 13.82 million rupees(about$240000, 1.52 million yuan).he also owns 230 shares of st.petersburg bank.

it is known that when mr putin announced his candidacy for president in 2011, he was a total of 10 bank account and deposit 5.7 million rubles(real-time exchange rate of about$100000, 630000 yuan).at that time, he has held the 230 shares in bank of st petersburg.

in addition, in mr putin's property include an apartment in st.petersburg and the garage, apartment covers an area of 77 square meters, the garage area of 18 square meters.

mr putin in moscow and a building area of 153.7 square meters of apartment.

in terms of transportation, mr putin has two gaz m21 car(a 1960 production, production) in 1965, a 2009 production of lada niva vehicle as well as a 1987 production of"happy,"trailer(skif trailer).

when camping", fu"trailer in the tent, you can make table and counter the photo source:piknik

it is reported that russia's presidential election will be held on march 18th.on february 6, russia's central election commission officially registered putin as a candidate.

according to the russian law, all candidates to run for office need to release their financial condition.

mr putin's candidacy certificate photo source:russian satellite news agency

news agency reported that russian satellite 7, russia's central election commission chairman, ella pam philo, eva(ella pamfilova) said, could have eight candidates involved in russia's presidential election.

in addition to mr putin, liberal democrat vladimir day's base(vladimir zhirinovsky), russian communist party candidate lujining pavel lattice(pavel grudinin) had also was officially registered as a presidential candidate.

day's base(left) and lattice lujining(right) photo source:alchetron

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