thai princess got a mix of fashion!net friend: in addition to face to the other


recently, thailand princess sirivannavari boarded the vogue thailand"magazine cover the fifth anniversary of publication.delicate face, sexy features netizens can not help but surprised:thailand what it into a beautiful princess, we don't know???

don't worry, it again and see if it could have known...

she called sirivannavari nariratana(this name really not other tongue twister, hereinafter referred to as siri princess), was born in the current king of thailand, mahath vajiralongkorn youngest daughter, is a veritable small public election.

in 2009, in forbes magazine's"world's most hot and sexy royalty", she ranked fifth, placing even more than the the past, this kind of several of the top position, is occupied by a european members of the royal family.

speaking, small public election also is full of legendary, less than the european royal family story.her erratic dad, because a ridiculous and cheat mom, who runs smooth, cause she almost be stripped of the royal identity, from thailand.

her father king mahath promiscuous, just married his first wife less than nine months, just outside philandering everywhere, her mother as a small three and was then the armies of the crown prince lived for 15 years, and during the period he became the father of four children and a woman.finally, in 1994, to superior, when the princess.

but married, mahath is announced, the princess wait-the widowed housewife sells outside.dare to cuckold son, prince?so mahath the princess out of thailand with five children, deprived of their royal title and privileges.

siri, the princess was with his mother, went to britain to live together.but the strange thing is, when they came to the uk before long, the thai royal family, specially sent their siri little public election to"seize"back, not only to restore the royal titles, is to keep the throne.

and four sons can only stay in the uk...

originally, because the thai royal family has been a devout buddhist, so when a monk told the king, the exile:precious little princess life, stay in thailand, not only can consolidate"jiangshan state", can also popular royal fortunes.a listen to the monk, the thai royal family immediately decided:quick!!the princess, please come back!!!!!!

so, siri princess was able to return to home, was also his father as a baby, eye.

but, in addition to the good life, small public election himself, also is really a talent.the interest is extensive, in morality, intelligence and physique, us, fatigue all-round development.

as a princess, she grew up to accept all kinds of aristocratic education."noble love ride a horse,"this sentence on her body, is also established.she likes riding, often take part in the equestrian events large and small, occasionally go to the scene, cheer for his teammates.

last august, in the 29th southeast asian games equestrian competition, she and her teammates won the silver medal.

in 2016, her grandfather, by the people's love of the old king died, she also served as the grandpa's spirit cavalry commander.

instead of noble sport, like equestrian siri like diving, cycling, badminton sports.especially her badminton, has reached the level of pro.she used to southeast asian games in 2005, took the gold medal.

however, let the good life the princess fame, or her fashion designers and models.siri graduated from thailand's highest institution of higher learning, chulalongkorn university, learning is art and application of the art of fashion and the prevention and control technology.this gives her fashion career has laid a solid foundation.

born with design talent, she also created our own brand name fashion"sirivannavari", a brand enjoys popularity all over the is said that she had been fashion guru giorgio armani's hands.

her design style in thailand is very fine absorption, fashion elements into a lot of thailand, elegant atmosphere, has received the attention in the industry.many stars are also in the princess dress designed to attend the activities, in succession to the princess's works make the call.

as one of asia's most famous celebrities, she is a real trend, not only is a frequent visitor to all kinds of fashion week, also is a lot of big shop sign such as chanel, balmain guest.but no matter in which fashion week, she can be a top vvvip treatment.

in 2007, identity distinguished her, by her favorite clothing brand balmain, invited to paris fashion week show, at the time, also in the show and galeries lafayette trick-or-treaters.

however, siri princess fashion road, is a little difficult.just say appearance level height, big face, swollen eyes, short neck, 50-50, your highness is indeed than thin but show fashionable essence into a slip of paper.

perennial in front row fashion week, although the princess taste online, often themselves into a fashion black hole.a lot of big shop sign on the body, can wear out of a sense of unable to comment on...

siri princess of body skeleton, the neck is a little short, so a lot of can wear a dress in her body a kind of feel.

if not the country love story"the wedding.

and, just like the princess challenges difficult styles, such as this especially detection neck length skirt.

there are a variety of shoulder pads coat, it is a big basin of a face, a look, basic is the height 1 meter 3...

by the way, she had at louis vuitton shows and fan bingbing also hit unlined upper garment, as a result, two asian traverse to the child, also conveniently and the shadow, you feel down...

even sometimes, because processing on makeup look, modelling, different levels when high level is low, appearance is also a lot of up and down...

but siri princess does not have a problem, royal status blessing, a martial arts talent, she go to where, is their own light.

who is to take, don't be afraid of again!this eye expression, this own expensive gas and contempt, where is that small models can compete.

sometimes choose the right dress, the same can wear out their own taste.

thai fashion magazine is princess target this unique temperament, vogue, the numero, princess are down on their knees to ask for"bazaar"attendance on the cover, making her the most amazing side.

have to say that after ps such a polished, the princess is very suitable for diva restoring ancient ways is the modelling of such...

but in recent years, is probably the princess in the modelling team, from the makeup look to the garment products have a new feeling, more and more have their own style.

even temperament on all had the very big promotion.

although born in the royal family, but the simmering political conspiracy had nothing to do with her, apparently siri prefer to wear beautiful princess to attend each big fashion week~

zha say, life is much more money can also do the thing that oneself like, like siri princess is very envy letting a person.

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