base has suffered heavy casualties multiple attack russian media called for cooperation in china two critical equipment

russia's decline is an indisputable fact, but russia is also a indomitable nation, is also a bloody ethnic, despite the poor quick jie, but mr putin emperor but unequivocally in front of the need to fight.the crimean highlights russia hemorrhagic, hemorrhagic syria also shows the russia, but the recent russian base attack of syria reminded russia a painful lesson or deep.

russia 9, said recently on a series of bases in the syrian troops drone attacks, need with the help of the country with the satellite navigation technology to complete, this means that might be behind with american shall not discuss who backs, perhaps only in terms of the event itself, and there is no doubt about it, confirmed that the syrian suffered against russia base, and the loss is not small.

the attack and, of course, is the first time, in the early years hemeiming air force received extreme forces fire, more meters-35"hind"armed helicopter was destroyed.when russia just think that the base of the air force aircraft emissions too dense, lead to losses.russia just think, extreme armed attack just luck, there is no precise attack.actually through a series of recent drone attacks occurred in the view, although the extremist group strength is very weak, but behind the consultant is not weak, organized, precise operation has become the norm.

russia's defense ministry said, russia has shattered the drone a total of 13 involved unmanned aerial vehicle(uav), there are 7 plane was shot down, six was forced to land.rebels attack obviously, therefore, is not without purpose, but organized a series of actions.some think the russia today television website, no force of armed there can be no so big ability of organization, with american backing behind should not have too much doubt.

think the russia today television website, regardless of whether the organizer, the series of attacks on lessons must keep in mind.the website says that although russia has its own set of defensive measures, but developed in recent years china defense and defense weapon is certainly worth reference especially important in the two arms.a radar system is in syria has made outstanding contributions, is a popular world caused the attention of long-endurance uav system.

think russia's web site, can consider to russian and chinese in terms of the unmanned aerial vehicle(uav) and radar systems in cooperation with china, russia now also has the leading advantage in missile, but obviously china radar system is more reliable.the russia today television website that if russia can in long-endurance uav reconnaissance and radar reconnaissance aspects to make greater progress, then the attacker will have no chance.

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