tsai ing-wen, hair tuixie american continent after six taiwan countdown

the united states through a provocative china's move to the"taiwan independence"pushed to the edge of the cliff, and tsai ing-wen, is happy to fart dian fart to use english to send to the united states"proffering flaming give thanks".

9 of the us house of representatives by encouraging exchange visits of u.s.and taiwanese officials"taiwan travel method"and"support taiwan's participation in the world health assembly bill"two sets of bill.to cater to the challenge"one china"red lines, tsai ing-wen, hurriedly send thanks to the support of the u.s.house of representatives.voice and on behalf of the chinese communist party's global times, editorial warned, if the u.s.taiwan overt political and military, the mainland will be a don, liberate taiwan by force, the complete reunification of the motherland.

provocation for taiwan independence for tsai ing-wen, shouting, i'm afraid there's no return"six taiwan"is more powerful than the first.since

hi or suicide?

although the draft is to be the federal senate passed and coordinated consistent version of the two, then sent to the president of the united states to come into force signed trump, become binding us law, but taiwan media has already can't wait to cheer.

cai authorities so pay attention to the"law"to travel taiwan mental tally is well known."us-taiwan ties"since 1979, leaders in taiwan, foreign affairs, head of the department head, department of defense has been unable to"access"washington, sending officials to visit taiwan and the united states, also can avoid the sensitive military defense department, the more is given priority to with the communication between business and education department."taiwan travel law"draft is attempt to this kind of"restricted"high-level officials"visits"to end.

the bill by republican congressman steve xia bai is put forward.xia bai had at last year's hearing shouting, the current policy"nonsense", the united states now of self-handicapping"not insult people, are not effective".red line of action for the united states tried to step on sino-us relations, taiwan green media were quickly with smelly feet, call it"37 years diplomatic breakthroughs in taiwan".however, it seems not to face, but"suicide".

according to the so-called"taiwan travel method", a chinese foreign ministry spokesman huachunying response to last year, according to relevant legislation severely violates the one-china policy and the principle of the three sino-us joint communiques and the chinese urge the us side to carefully handle the taiwan issue, in order to avoid the interference and damage the overall china-us relations.

today, taiwan affairs dominated by the united states to the age of the end, if the us eventually by"law"to travel taiwan challenge china's last bottom line, so, accompanied by including tsai ing-wen, pro-independence cheering, is only the mainland six taiwan countdown.

a netizen, tsai ing-wen, sell progenitor qiurong

touch china-us relations in the red line in the united states, don't even promised to taiwan netizens.

tsai ing-wen, in the u.s.house of representatives passed the"taiwan travel law"after the draft, send a tweet assumed a"kouxie divine grace"attitude, by one vote against taiwan netizens, denounce the selling progenitor qiurong tsai ing-wen, and asked ms tsai is the next to take failure in taiwan?

in fact, the u.s.congress using proposal in interactive carry on both sides of the taiwan strait, duplicity is easy to see through the tricks.once the draft and become law, it means"beautiful"public official communication, and the basis of the foundation of china-us relations and cross-strait peace will be hit hard, have"under siege"of the united states will not stupid enough to smash this card in taiwan, let the opposite of china to the united states.

changan avenue governor app noticed that the so-called"taiwan travel law"although has become the focus of public opinion, but the law is not only recently, always there but in the last two or three years.in september 2016, porter and others began in the summer of speculation"taiwan travel bill"in 2016, demanded that the united states on all levels of government and taiwan official visits, asked the president of the united states should directly face to face meeting with taiwan's leader.since then, although the united states senate and house from time to time to throw out different versions of the so-called"taiwan travel bill", but its overall framework, there is no jump to the original version.

this is just america's defiance of china's card, it is no benefit in taiwan, it may return only has chinese military around taiwan, only six of china taiwan determination.

tsai ing-wen, in november, the island's green media from hi, seemingly was transported with joy, but it is the deepest hurt is in taiwan, taiwan's citizens will not allow.

counterweight to china's trump card

will trump signed such a law?

in fact, both the house and senate passed the bill, finally, administrative agencies"abandon lost"by the united states.impressed the way in december last year, the u.s.senate passed"fiscal year 2018 defense authorization act", asked the united states government to evaluate the feasibility of"mutual us-taiwan warships stop", and as china's envoy to the united states say"american warships arrived in kaohsiung, is i the people's liberation army force unification"words, the outside world and no one believed the ship mooring station will be rushed.

taiwan is checks and balances trump one of the few cards in china, the south china sea issue, north korea, are the hands of the trump card, but the two cards have apparently doesn't work, the south china sea to stabilize the situation, the korean peninsula is also showing unprecedented detente, trump hands available against china's brand is less and less.

this card in taiwan, the united states is now playing out, is nothing but want to build a us-led order in east asia, to find sense of existence.as for trump will sign, it's a way to test of china-us relations.in the recent 40 years the united states successive governments in the understanding of the issues on both sides of the taiwan overall is rational and practical.

will trump against?american institute of fudan university professor jia-dong zhang said in an interview with the media, if both have passed, trump may use this bargain with china, for china's concessions in other ways.

china will give in what to say, but one thing is for sure, as long as you touch the bottom line of china, dare to play trump support"taiwan independence"this card, the offerings from china out of the"six taiwan"the king of the blast is not far away.

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