again the united states in the south china sea to the philippines domestic anti-china forces finally bared fangs!

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at the instigation of the united states, some politicians in the philippines, the move to rely on the american intervention, to the south china sea dispute.after the house natural resources committee"full price"with the so-called development proposal of disputed islands, according to the world journal reported on january 9, the philippine defense minister loren firm, has pointed out, the philippines in the south china sea the fiery cross island"military", put forward to china's"diplomatic protest.moreover, loren firm was referring to the so-called"philippine fishing boats were harassed"by the china coast guard boat, and ask the government to china along with all the"diplomatic protest"is put forward.

in the last year, loren firm, also plans to occupy the reef in the philippines for fishermen construction facilities, and hope that the plan"will not cause protests in china".however, the army plans to eventually because china"protest"and terminated by lao du ordered.and the so-called"to the chinese diplomatic protest"is no exception.according to the world journal reported on january 10, have loren pierced in the so-called"china's fiery cross island in the south china sea to militarization"and urged the government to put forward to china's"diplomatic protest", the philippine presidential spokesman said although"support loren's statement", but at the same time once again stressed that believe that china did not violate the"good faith"the presidential palace.

it is clear that since after he came into power, lao du has had no intention of falling out with china again more don't want to pick up the south china sea dispute.of reasons in addition to need to rely on china's help to get rid of the philippines aquino period of poverty and backwardness, and, more importantly, the philippines is exploitation of oil and gas fields have already dried up, is now considering to japan's imports of oil and gas resources to solve the domestic energy demand, therefore, the old du is eager to the south china sea code of conduct signed as soon as possible, to ensure long-term peace and stability in the south china sea, so that you can cooperate with china as soon as possible, mining in the south china sea oil and gas resources to a lifesaver.

old du developing relations with china, the philippines received positive is a well known fact.the military over the back on the south china sea issue, however, is obviously affected by the high-profile intervene in the affairs of the south china know, china and asean countries is in the south china sea code of conduct of the negotiations, when china and asean has completed negotiations eventually signed code of conduct, so, after the united states want to contain china in the use of the south china sea issue becomes more difficult, so the disruption in the united states, obviously just don't want to let the situation in the south china sea stability.and philippine military regardless of national interests, blindly follow the baton to walk, this is enough to indicate that the united states how much influence on the philippine military.

due to the history of the united states had to decades of colonial rule of the philippines, and after the second world war and the"allies", the united states in the military there has always been extraordinary influence, lead to former philippine president called commander in chief of army there is no absolute is actually an independent interest group, has been linked to the united states and the philippines clans there are closely linked.

at the beginning of the old du came to power last year, because on the south china sea gave up the aquino government policy of confrontation, and choose to cooperate with china, so let us get angry, during this time, the military activity, china threat theory by rendering with lao du, is trying to prevent old du developing relations with china.even had plotted on lao du myopia coup, the bbc has reported that"the philippine military has confirmed that the military had against president du teer coup alleged investigation".according to the daily inquiries in the philippines earlier quoted philippine cabinet officials reported that if some dissatisfaction with the president's military coup, he would not be surprised, but also stress that these people will not addition, the official also said"i'm convinced that the threat of a coup from does not agree with the weakening u.s.relations faction".therefore, related people outspoken pointed out that"can't rule out the possibility of working behind the philippine military coup".

it is clear that because of the"not obedient"lao du, the united states in the political and diplomatic pressure on invalid cases, urged the military coup has become an inevitable choice.lao du was a record 91% approval rating, however, became he avoided suffer the coup"talisman", let us eventually had to give up by a coup attempt to overthrow the old du.jump out again to the military in the south china sea issue to the relations between china and the philippines to make discovery ambushes, especially in the united states proudly announced the surge in the asia pacific and south china sea code of conduct negotiations of critical moment, undoubtedly has a strong link with the united states to sweeten the south china sea.

in addition, the philippine military to follow the baton in the south china sea policy, the lao du-in addition to being high speed development of the relations between china and the philippines, to help us driving lao du back to aquino as usual, at the same time also with lao du is likely to push the constitution seek to extend the term of behavior has a large is known to all, the philippines president knows his tenure in the constitution can't eliminate domestic drug crime, in order to give yourself more time, in order to wipe out the domestic poison, lao du asked congress to push to change the constitution project, a longer term or pave the road to power for himself.

of course, the old du change behavior, completely broke in western countries, the so-called"democracy", thus doomed to lao du constitution is impossible to smooth addition, the old du on drugs and the south china sea policy itself has sinned against domestic pro-american, including business, party and army, interest groups, therefore, could not step down old du or immediately die(lao du once suffered repeated assassination, estimate and these interests can't get away), and the extended term or term lao du, for these interest groups, is a nightmare.

after the vice president lin lini had revealed to the media said"du teer did not establish revolutionary government, because the army i promised not to support du teer behavior", lin lini the implication is that old du is not a revolutionary government established, is unable to get the support of the military.the military the jump and open and the old du naysayers, obviously is proclaimed to the world and the military will not support the old du amendment for re-election.

however, without the support of the military and other interest groups, this does not mean that can force the old du in developing relations with china, and the constitution of the road, because the old du also have their own a magic weapon to win.earlier, according to taiwan"central news agency"reported that the philippines polling agency, according to the results of the survey du teer's approval rating reached 82%, and the poll results also showed that people think du teer understand them, put the interests of the addition, according to cnn's a street survey in the philippines, most people with du teer evaluation is"the people vote for him, because he, unlike other politicians, he has the courage to do other politicians dare not do".

it is clear that the old du to power all the efforts for more than a year's popularity, in the philippines have already set up the very high prestige and credibility, the public recognition and support, not only can become his talisman from pro-american group staged a coup, also can become his constitution for re-election, and actively developing friendly relations with china, and will be unstoppable.

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