face up to years in prison zhou with good attitude and qualify for tourism in the show


from zhou"rural life", this year seems still quite good of, at least can also free to pick up her dog dui lawyer, although he was forced to.

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zhou on big deal.

in january last year, zhou the night long island driving sinusoidal intercepted in the united states, after the police confiscated drugs and guns from the car to arrest it.the next day, he was released on bail after pay$5000 bail.

zhou libo's case in the continuing investigation by the american police for nearly a year later, last year on december 18, vote by a grand jury, zhou libo of the five charges.the five charges include:

secondary weapons;

illegal guns;

4 weapons;

7 possession of controlled drugs;

those who violate traffic regulations.

the prosecution pointed out that if the heaviest weapons charges-secondary convicted, zhou libo will face three and a half years to 15 years in prison.

, after the grand jury charged was founded on august 9th, zhou libo criminal court in nassau county on long island, a defense lawyer pleaded not guilty, said zhou don't know why the car will have guns and drugs, and said it was confident to win the lawsuit.

time was designated as the next court on february 1st, he wants to, i'm afraid i have to fight a battle with the prosecution.

however, zhou libo seemed good mentality.on new year's day, he also posted a video of walking in the streets of manhattan.

in the video, he ridicule netizens, said if everyone thought he was sentenced to prison, that i can hang out everywhere is called"qualify for tourism", one side big embroidered with the peony show chinese style clothing.

in the united states,"to obtain a guarantor pending trial"is a kind of what kind of experience?

from zhou"rural life", this year seems still quite good of, at least can also free to pick up her dog dui lawyer, although he was forced to.

take a look at another american native people obtain a guarantor pending trial experience.

in october last year, former campaign manager paul maner ford trump(paul manafort) for"through the door"event surrendered to the fbi, and was charged with conspiring to anti-american and money laundering.

in the pay of$10 million bail after he returned to his home in florida, with permission can also go to washington to meet with legal team.

however, in order to prevent its escape, he was forbidden to nocturnal, is not allowed near the airport, railway station and bus station.at the same time, he handed in his passport, also by the positioning system to track.

for an accused"conspiring against beauty", to pay the money home lay lie, treatment is ok.

however, all the good there is a premise, you have to pay to bail!

zhou currently still sustain in the$5000 bond, perhaps with the united states a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, simply isn't worth mentioning.

however, not everyone is so fortunate luck(qian)(you).

the bail system has a long history, a slightly different state to state.in general, when the court told the defendant must deliver a certain amount to get bail, there are two ways in which the defendant was released on bail:

the first is a direct delivery all bail;

the second is to employ the bail dealer, deliver 10% bail as a reward, let it for yourself.

however, a lot of suspects misdemeanor cases are only the first option.

if the bail amount is relatively low, less than$2000, for example, the second option does not exist, because the hiring agent is difficult to earn enough money from this small bail, which refused to"order".

the most criminal defendants are the poor in the united states, due to the inability to pay the bail, these people can only be put in jail awaiting trial.

according to the new york times reported, in new york city, about 45000 people a year in prison because of unable to pay bail.

although the municipal court bail amount is far below the national average, but usually only one in 10 defendants can afford.

american law firm, a survey of violence culture deeply rooted in the prison.

according to statistics, in 2014, the guards on more than 4000 prisoners violence events, violence is widespread among prisoners.according to the"daily economic news"won the correctional services department documents, 2014, 108 cut thorns incidents happened in prison.

a unable to deliver the bail imprisoned prisoners says:

"it is very dangerous, every man for himself.you may be abused, is likely to be raped, might be blackmail.these all together."

in 2010, 16 african youth browder was imprisoned on a charge of robbery, because can't afford a$3000 bail, browder spent three years in new york in rikers island prison, finally acquitted.

however, this to the dismal days of browder's body and mind caused serious influence, and in prison, he was the c.o.abuse, in 2015, the freed browder suicide death.

on the other hand, due to can't afford to bail in jail"suspect"is detrimental to social justice, cause the waste of resources.

in 2015, former us president barack obama in the naacp(naacp) said in a speech published

"should be fairness, large-scale in prison to make our country become more bad, we need to do something."

in 2013, according to data from the united states is the highest incarceration rate in the world.

and the new york times reported, every moment, there are nearly 450000 americans suffered a pre-trial detention, this figure includes both persons deprived of right of bail, also include those who are unable to pay the bail, but does not include the local prison population statistics is not complete.

if you count the local prison prison population, according to statistics, in a year, the cities and counties across the country jail once admitted from 11 million to 13 million.

in fact, now many american legal institutions are opposed to the existing commercial bail system.because under this system, in the rich can buy free of crime, for the poor and middle class discrimination.

in 2015, new york city council allocated$1.4 million to help low-income suspects, took a tentative reforms.

last august, new york senator kino, think the bail system is the discrimination to the low-income groups, he put forward two solutions to the reform of the bail system of new york:

the first solution is to bail limited to misdemeanor criminal object;

the second solution is to adopt the guarantor bail and the defendant have the personal freedom, but need to report to the guarantor on a regular basis.

view, america wants to build a fair and effective system of bail i see road.

article/fang chen

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