the african presidents to pull a guard at a needle acupuncture on road turn of traditional chinese medicine powder

in the far west african country ghana, there's a chinese clinic trusted by local people, not only have heard of acupuncture and moxibustion for the president, also attracts the periphery of the patients, who were even have patients specially flew in from europe to see the doctor.

the pills with four guards

the clinic, the founder of shopluk has more than 70 years old, still insist on visits.

he said, his first came to ghana in 1985,"when my sister doing business in ghana and togo, so i come here for a walk and see".but didn't think that has close relationship with ghana.

an accidental opportunity, shopluk learned that from her sister's friends, ghana's then president jerry john rawlings with severe periarthritis of shoulder, go abroad treatment and no cure.

under the friend's introduction, rawlings agreed to try to get shopluk for traditional chinese acupuncture and moxibustion treatment for him.

shopluk(right) with ghana president rawlings.

"in the beginning, the president for acupuncture with a grain of salt,"shopluk recalls,"to his pills for the first time, he is very nervous, accompanied with four guards at the side."

but the president's suspicions gradually by the curative effect of acupuncture and moxibustion.over a period of time treatment, rawlings was improved obviously, after he raised his arm, can normally salute, shaking hands after treatment.

shopluk regrets ground say:"president rawlings was very happy and praised the curative effect of acupuncture and moxibustion amazing, advised me to have to stay in ghana."

under the invitation of the president, shopluk stayed in accra, ghana, public hospital work, in 1988 and founded the first local clinic run by foreigners.from then on he open clinic, while the locals to promote traditional chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, for 30 years.

a november 28 to the local treated with acupuncture.

introduction of artemisinin help establish public

clinic start-up phase, shopluk also experienced a period of groping."the locals have concerns about a chinese doctor, the chinese traditional therapy such as acupuncture also don't understand, this requires a process of accept."

, for example, many west africa local epidemics, such as malaria, typhoid fever, cholera, the plague, at the time of china.shopluk took a long time study, to gradually accumulated clinical experience.

since the early 1990 s, he introduces domestic research and development of artemisinin drugs local clinical treatment, not only save more lives, also quietly set up clinics in china.

on november 28th, accra, ghana, the streets, a thing through passers-by.

in addition, the ghana people walk with your head weight remains the traditional customs, many people with cervical vertebra and lumbar disease, and acupuncture and massage in the treatment of conditioning has advantage in this kind of chronic disease.clinics in china has become a trusted by the locals"old".

"opening 30 years, never do advertising and promotion, can go to today, by word of mouth patients."shopluk said, now, clinic often accepts some from neighboring countries, such as nigeria, ivory coast and togo patients, who were even patients with specially flew in from europe to see the doctor.

the sons save a bunch of ious

shopluk clinic at present, there are three chinese doctors, including his son xiao, ghana and eight nurses.

on november 21, shaw kejia(left) and another doctor cao ke for finger injury patients deal with the wound.

the head nurse, 35, amelia has been working here for 10 years, this is her first job after graduated from addition to routine nursing care, she is also responsible for the translation of the english and the local dialect of ghana.

"we directly from the selected nursing graduates, in their own way to develop management,"shaw said,"let the selective nurses in every detail can meet our standards."

on november 28, local nurses in ghana in clinic.

shopluk stressed that the clinic's mission is to save first under any circumstances."sometimes the patient is in danger, but did not have money to pay fee, let their families or make an iou, such as rich also.can't because the money i save people behind."

"saved a lot of ious every year, many later also didn't touch."say this words, shopluk instead smiled,"but i feel very proud, can do some good for local people, obligatory."

--the end--


reporter:clubmosses zhao shuting

edit:marine liu yinan

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