the question of jerusalem is what trump wants to play

beijing on december 7(xinhua)(international) jerusalem, to play trump which

the xinhua news agency reporter liu cheri zhu dongyang wang wen

the president of the united states 6th trump announced recognise jerusalem as the capital of israel, and will start the american embassy in to the process of moving from tel aviv to jerusalem.the move ended the neutrality of the american presidents in jerusalem, and for the first time, the u.s.government publicly backed israel on the issue of core israeli-palestinian conflict.

-trump's remarks have caused widespread opposition and concern in the international community.analysts said mr trump's approach would seriously hamper the israeli-palestinian peace process and would bring more instability to the volatile middle east.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bbbhe also said he had ordered the state department to begin preparations for the relocation of the embassy.trump also said the united states will remain committed to promoting the israeli-palestinian peace talks and supporting a"two-state solution"recognized by both sides.since the founding of israel, trump has been the first u.s.president to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.his move also changed the way many presidents have maintained the practice of keeping the embassy in tel aviv.

the united states congress passed in 1995,"bill"jerusalem embassy, admitted to jerusalem as the capital of israel, asked the government to operate in jerusalem on may 31, 1999 the u.s.embassy, but allow the president to delay the time limit for the sake of national security interests, and shall be notified congress once every six the wake of the bill, many u.s.presidents have repeatedly postponed the deadline to set up u.s.embassies in jerusalem.

in fact, last year's presidential campaign trump had promised, if elected would recognise jerusalem"indivisible"capital of israel, and will promote to embassy of the united states moved to jerusalem.he has also said publicly since taking office that the relocation"has never been a question of whether it will be implemented, but when it will be implemented".

us think-tank wilson center, a middle east expert aaron david miller argues that choosing trump announced at this time admitted that jerusalem is israel's capital, probably because he'd like to cash a campaign promise, may be he want to try something"former president didn't done".according to sun degang, deputy director of the middle east institute at shanghai international studies university, the current investigation into the trump administration's"access to russia"investigation has been upgraded, and there is a shift in the focus of public trump has"taken risks"to win support from domestic conservatives, pro-jewish groups and others.

>in a statement, palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that trump's decision on the status of jerusalem will never give israel any legal basis for its capital.the u.s.government is a decision to all efforts for the realization of peace"sabotage", marks the united states has completely abandon its in the past several decades, the role of peace in the middle east issue.

united nations secretary-general guterres says it opposes any unilateral measures that could jeopardize the prospects for peace in palestine and israel.he stressed that the issue of the status of jerusalem must be resolved through direct negotiations, in accordance with the security council and the relevant resolutions of the general assembly, on the premise that both sides are taking care of their respective legitimate concerns.

/p>, the eu's senior representative for foreign affairs and security policy, issued a statement expressing"grave concern"over trump's decision and the potential impact of the move on the prospect of peace.she reiterated that the eu supports the"two-state solution", which remains unchanged.the iranian foreign ministry and the egyptian foreign ministry issued statements condemning the u.s.decision.turkey's foreign minister, chawashosholu, described mr trump's comments as"irresponsible".

middle east unrest or exacerbate

analysts believe that trump the move will not only caused the whole of the islamic world to the anger, the israeli-palestinian problem is also added fuel to the fire and the whole situation in the middle east.

jerusalem is one of the main sticking points in the israeli-palestinian peace process.american think-tank, senior fellow at the brookings institution, darrell west, says donald trump's move has changed after the united states on the israeli-palestinian issue relatively neutral attitude, clear israel will undoubtedly stimulate the palestinian side, the future will make the israeli-palestinian peace process more difficult.

u.s.president and congress research center, deputy director of the dan omaha fe believes that the government may think that the current israeli-palestinian trump problem situation is"a backwater, hope that through moving pavilion move stirs up the situation.such a move would antagonize the arab world and could lead to more violence in the middle east.

sun degang believes that trump's approach will have a profound impact on the region.first, the question of palestine will become a top priority in the middle east.second, the extremists in the middle east might take the chance.third, saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, jordan, turkey and the middle east countries government will face enormous pressure at home, have to take tough measures, do not rule out the possibility of turkey's cut off diplomatic relations with israel.

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