the falun gong is all over the world.

the"falun gong", led by li hongzhi, is a cult group, but it calls itself"the discipline group".try to ask, the world is full of disturbing people is"practice"?it is an indisputable fact that"falun gong"is an undisputable fact that everyone is shouting at the street mice.

"falun gong"nuisance in britain, by religious people complain

according to the british academics buddha intrusive or complain to the mayor of london"falun gong"illegal"(south wind network on september 12, 2017) reported on august 24, 2017, british academics buddha mr shih avenue(shi da dao, lay in english name:adrian chan wyles) on his internet blog"sangha community"on, ran to the mayor of london himself a daniel sudick khan(sadiq khan) letter, complaint falun gong disturbs the false propaganda behavior in london's chinatown.complaint pointed out:"falun gong"erected by the large panel in both chinese and english, usually located in the middle(chinatown) that two famous stone lions, on the right is the spread of lies and false information about the people's republic of china, using the microphone and loudspeakers broadcast anti-china propaganda, and continually stop and harass law-abiding members of those visitors, customers and passersby.not only in chinatown, but also in many other areas of london where tourists are harassed.many of the images that have been processed via falun gong are not suitable for children to watch.the act of falun gong and the propaganda of brainwashing and violence are not suitable for the stable and democratic society of britain.complaint said:"if you(the mayor of london) office to police in the city of westminster, of a man named"falun gong"an investigation of the existence of illegal organizations and activities, i would be most grateful."in fact, li hongzhi and his"falun gong"were notorious in the religious circles and were denounced by the religious community.

london street of falun gong to amuse them propaganda

"falun gong"nuisance in the united states, was the victim to court

this is not my rumor,"falun gong"media itself is tong.on december 27, 2015, the official website of"falun gong"published a supplementary notice on the advertisement, which revealed that the disciple of dafu had been advertising the charm and seriously disturbing the people.some people drink the water of the household;some are conveniently in the courtyard of the house;there are"three in the middle of the night"seriously disturbing the people;some"play the heart of security"to infiltrate companies, hospitals, institutions to send;there are"bags of materials in a building elevator"that are suspected of causing was sued by the injured party, and another was taken to can be seen that the reverse of the falun gong is also very unpopular in western realize"falun gong"disgusting to what extent, please see the supplementary notice words(in the form of a screenshot presented, so as to avoid saying is taken out of context):

the falun gong website on the advertising of the supplementary notice screenshot

"falun gong"nuisance in taiwan, expelled from protests and

on august 26, 2010, taiwan lianchi pool scenery district dismantled the falun gong students illegal decoration within the scenic area of the so-called"truth"kanban, banners, and will be out of the scenic spot falun gong members in accordance with the law.on march 8, 2011, hualien county townships in new money in taiwan independence, qiu guangming, chairman of the council in taroko visit, several local people to petition the steward, please townships save them money, don't let the falun gong disruption of normal tourists sightseeing and business management.on november 27, 2013, the taipei 101 building before, many taiwan people to participate in the activities of"counterattack"falun gong, they play the campaign against falun gong a nuisance"maintain cross-strait peaceful development,"the banner, condemn falun gong cult trouble in taiwan.visitors to the scene said there should be december 2016, a netizen revealed that there was a huge advertisement in downtown taipei, taiwan.

the taiwanese people in front of the 101 building"campaign against falun gong a nuisance"banners

longshan temple in taipei subway exit advertising close shot

"falun gong"nuisance in hong kong, have been boycott and the hong kong government bash

for a long time, falun gong deba field in hong kong, block road is in the way, electronic horn random noise, seriously affect the residents normal addition, it also covers the scenic spots, and tells the truth about the tourists, pulling people everywhere to"retreat"and destroy the tourist environment.whoever criticizes this is a pester of abuse.the integrity of hong kong has been fed up with the establishment of civil society organizations, such as the hong kong youth care association and the voice of hong kong.these folk anti-evil societies took to the streets, carrying banners against evil, anti-evil, begging evil, and exorcist, against the falun gong the light of the sword, the falun gong immediately addition, the hong kong citizens marched petition for many times, a petition letter to the hong kong government, police, and food and environmental hygiene department, law enforcement agencies in accordance with the law to clean up and remove all illegal set in falun gong banners and decoration.the hong kong food and environmental hygiene department and the hong kong police department are jointly enforcing the law to remove the illegal publicity for the confiscation of falun gong and to restore peace and harmony in hong kong society.

hong kong public backlash"falun gong"cult

the environment department of hong kong and joint law enforcement police dismantled confiscating illegal propaganda"falun gong"cult items

"falun gong"nuisance in mainland china, the anger accusations, strict punitive

after the banned"falun gong", li has used abroad website remote command a few bugs, let them"tell the truth", is actually beginning to society and harass the people.printed promotional materials are everywhere,"verve"discs are free, and spam, spam and harassment calls are rampant.according to incomplete statistics,"falun gong"has made millions of phone calls from overseas to china through technical means.falun gong admitted on its website that it had more than eight million in the first two months of 2004 alone.people are disgusted and even angry.hunan anhua.we will act proposed in the town of jiang unstable rock is nervous breakdown by falun gong of harassing phone calls, he reflected, in the face of"falun gong"harassing phone calls, drawn wire reject easy to spoil the broth, drawn wire and its friend lotus in its"not the bother of falun gong harassing phone calls"control, a late at night more than 12 points, the author very not easy the child sleep,"falun gong"must call recording telephone, want to hang up quickly but constantly,"inside the bedroom inside the child crying, the phone has chatter","the phone call with 15 minutes".he later coaxed the child, but he could not sleep around 9 am on december 13, 2005, jiangsu yancheng is an old man by falun gong abroad speak"truth"of telephone harassment, due to intimidation, the old man was stimulated, the onset of hospital treatment, doctors diagnosed with schizophrenia, angry letters"falun gong"to poison their relatives and friends.netizens tits published"a night i received harassing phone calls 118"(south wind net 2016-06-27) charges, said on may 24, more than 7 pm, after he got a call from the six falun gong, took the telephone to join the blacklist.i didn't expect to stir up a hornet's nest, and immediately there were several falun gong calls in hong kong and guangdong provinces, and i bombarded him with non-stop for more than two more than 2 am on the 25th, the titmouse looked at the phone, which had been tuned to the mute state, and it was another 53 falun addition to 118 harassing phone calls, the falun gong also sent dozens of messages and letters to him.the titmouse denounced it as a"shameless, three-prong approach"that"will only make the world see more of the cult nature of your falun gong, and more hatred and falun gong".

19 to 21 pm on may 24,"falun gong"cell phone call tits some phone number

the truth be told, irrefutable evidence.the"falun gong"is so disturbing that it has become the world's public nuisance.

source:haishang network author:xu hui