another spectacular scandal in which japanese air hostesses revealed that a flight attendant had made more money to trade with passengers in private

in japan, when a stewardess is the job many girls dream of.due to the significant decrease in jal capacity, the stewardess is also required to compete with each other to improve operating profit by competing with each other on the sales side of the machine

.sometimes the stewardess will cooperate with the company's publicity, and stand on the airport or the tokyo street to send out the advertisement

leaflet.sweet smile always gives a person with many beautiful daydream, but they also have a bitter tears behind them.

the japanese women's fashion magazine published a"more"about a flight attendant, bank clerk, actress 15 different career women real income ming

.according to display, in order to travel yearly in europe, america, asia and other countries and regions of the international airline flight attendant, for example, 27 years old contract attendants on

income of about 226000 yen(about 14000 yuan), summer and winter bonuses at about 160000 yen(about 10000 yuan), individual deposit

about 200000 yen(about 12000 yuan).

but an anonymous stewardess told japan's best-selling magazine post weekly, stewardess incomes in recent years, some more to prostitution to earn extra money, guests packages

enclosed pilots.the periodical reports, stewardess fall in revenues, salary of about hk$330000 by 2004(rmb 265000), 2013, 260000

hong kong dollars(rmb 210000), there will be someone in tokyo's ginza part-time, also somebody betray body.

since the implementation of contract system, the flight attendants wages material benefits is greatly reduced, 1133 yen(about 70 yuan) per hour, the basic wage and

the pub run a bartender, even worse, his was the company's secret monitoring in word and deed.when a written since

have physiological cycle, sexual hobby talks boyfriend experience data appeared on the internet, these beautiful flight attendants in addition to surprised and angry

nu, is more of a shame.

a flight attendant, prostitution stewardess charge for every 90 minutes, 3500 to hk$5200(about 2800 to 4200 yuan).according to the operators who provided the service for stewardesses

/p>/p>/p/p/>/p/p/bbb/bbb/p/bbb/p/an air hostess who has a desire to serve as a"foreign"officer is usually"pimp"through senior empty

.before flight check, the stewardess will meeting with pilots, and interested in the hotel for the night pilots, gesture will suggest that patients

if held up four fingers represent offer 40000 yen(rmb 2100).

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