modern india is far beyond our imagination!it is too late to know india again

because of the indian image reported by western media, we always feel that india:dirty, crowded, polluted, no toilet...sewers and favelas often appear in the fact, every place in the world has terrible corners.

shanghai may be the

but it is also like this:

there is no denying that shanghai and other world cities is better than india, india is certainly worse more dirty, this is reality.but these places are also real.这里有你或许没见过的另一面:








chennai is j, a very beautiful coastal city.

india market can also so!

blue indian city of jodhpur-

india overpass

india in fact has been in the progressive development, not one city in the progress, but the whole country in fast forward.without the chart above, india in our eyes is always incomplete and even distorted.western media reported that new york was sure to choose the first chart, not the second.

this two pictures are the same city, if we see that one, and then locate the city is not many cities around the world, there are good and bad sides.but when people talk about cities in india, we chinese see only india as negative.the default is poor countries, maybe they see us like that.and that is a mockery of the countries that are making is unfair to represent one city with a romantic skyscraper and another with a dirty sewer.