what will happen to the dictator when he collapses?

middle east is big again!

:on december 4, local time, president ali abdullah saleh was killed by houthi forces outside the capital sanaa.

then, houthi forces source confirmed the news, their fighters in the capital sanaa outside intercepted saleh's armored vehicles, and shot and killed him.the death of saleh will be a major blow to the saudi-led coalition, according to analysts in yemen.not long after, mr saleh had renounced his coalition with the houthis and instead backed a saudi-led coalition.the death of mr saleh, which would have taken a major blow to the saudi-led coalition, has left saudi arabia"any hope dashed".

also in front of president ali abdullah saleh, who call themselves"on the head of the snake dance".

, 1942:saleh was born in a normal military family in sanaa, capital of yemen.he joined the army at the age of 16 and entered the yemeni armed forces academy at the age of 18.he was 20 years old and took part in the 926 revolution which overthrew the feudal dynasty.in 1964, he entered the armored force school.

in 1978, he was elected north yemen's president, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces began to yemen more than 30 years of rule.in 1982, he was elected general secretary of the ruling national people's congress, and twice in 1983 and 1988.

in 1984, mr saleh and son together.

, 1990, south and south yemen united, saleh elected president of the president, and re-elected in 1993.in 1994, yemen changed to a presidential system, and saleh was elected president until 2012.

in the face of the factions, ali abdullah saleh, understand the science of the balance.on the one hand, he carefully selected and supported tribal leaders to balance the interests of all parties, and on the other hand, he began to cultivate his own power in the core of the state.the eldest son, ahmed, is the commander of the special forces and the republican guard, the second cousin yahia runs the central security forces and the anti-terrorist agency, and another nephew, tarik, is the commander of the presidential guard.arms, oil, aviation and other sectors are also in the hands of the saleh family, a key asset to his rule.

in 2007, mr saleh met with then us president george bush.

but mr saleh has clearly ignored the biggest political-livelihood.when mr saleh left office, unemployment in yemen was 35 per cent, unemployment among 18-to 28-year-olds was 50 per cent, and two out of five of the country's population was in poverty.popular discontent has finally shaken his ruling base.

in 2008, mr saleh's visit to germany.

, january 23, 2011, thousands of people in the yemeni capital took part in anti-government demonstrations against saleh becoming president for life.on february 27, 2012, saleh formally stepped down as president of yemen.

:after leaving office, it was reported that saleh went to new york city for physical therapy.when he returned to public view, it was 2016.

saleh and putin

in 2016, mr saleh began an alliance with the houthi forces.in july, the houthi armed with his leadership of the national people's congress,"supreme political committee"was established in october after the so-called"national salvation government", and recognized by the international community, the government led by president hardy.

, but by 2017, the alliance between saleh and houthis began to unravel.

the houthi forces

on september 9, 2017, announced the appointment of the houthi forces"army commander""supreme judiciary committee chairman"and"finance minister"and so on.in a statement the following day, mr saleh refused to recognise the appointment, citing the houthi's unilateral decision to undermine the friendship between the two sides.the houthis, on september 13th, accused mr saleh of standing on the side of saudi arabia, threatening to disarm the political and military alliance between the group and mr saleh.

, starting in november, there has been sporadic fighting between the republican guard and houthi forces under mr saleh.on december 2nd mr saleh made a formal statement, reversing himself to saudi arabia.

is a sigh that only two days after mr saleh's statement, the houthis began to take action against mr saleh's house.a suspected mr saleh had been killed in a raid on the internet and was rumoured to have been killed.later on december 4, saleh's entourage confirmed the death.

the dictator's life ended at this point, but the situation in the middle east the fog still not open.


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