the first chinese village young man who made a fortune in russia was fond of marrying a russian woman

there is a small place called sihe village in changbai mountain of china, and 20 years ago it was known as the"bachelor village", but 20 years later it has become the richest village in the city.village 770 households in the assets of one hundred million yuan of above of 2, ten million yuan of the 44, one million yuan in 220, more than 22 villager to marry daughter-in-law to russia, and their wealth growth is closely connected with russia!

village people filed a snap to russian history, not to mention two important guide, one is the zhangs' brother, another is lv weixin.

the zhangs' brother call fu-cai zhang, old six we ite fu-liang zhang, they are the first to snap village russia's rich, but they to russia is a complete incidental factors.zhangs' brothers in hunchun mountain wild ginseng, accidentally lost to russia, is the former soviet union after guards caught two brothers held in ussuriysk, this short experience that they find ussuriysk supplies are scarce, after being sent home, the zhangs' brothers started being business in 1987, less than three years to two brothers made hundreds of millions of yuan, a luxury car, villa, go out with bodyguards, the success of the two people undoubtedly become the model of mixture village people, every village people planted to russia's rich mixture of dream!!!!!

if the zhangs' brothers success changed snap village people leave the traditional concept of land, then lv weixin is that they lead to russia.

in 1993, lv weixin under the influence of the zhangs' brothers with borrowed 3000 yuan, come to chelyabinsk in russia, started by selling articles for daily use, but later he found the russians monotonous diet, in addition to bread or bread, so he opened a sell off the goods after fried fried dough twist, three months can earn$15000.

lv weixin didn't like anyone else, immediately back to the village with the money to marry the wife, have children, but to person of hometown to russia to do great things with the money weixin back after the told the villagers his experience, and 120000 yuan worth of$120000 on the table and see these 35 villagers immediately decided to russia with him after a career.after lv weixin training russian and sales skills, there are hundreds of snap village people to russia business, in the 90 s, village people almost monopolized the mixture of russia's far east market, but lv weixin still not satisfied, and with the villagers rushed to the business grew, moscow was crowded with people from the city of shuan, the new hometown of luweixin, and eventually formed a street of shulan, and he was the leader of his brother, lu weixin.

under the influence of lv weixin, snap village people understand the important role of the villagers to help each other, they are doing business together don't even play ious, tens of thousands of dollars you borrowed who have difficulty opening line directly, because of that the development of the way let more penniless villagers group after group of earn big money in 2007, russia's then prime minister, primakov, wrote a handwritten letter to lu weixin, not only praising his great success in business, but also thanking him for his role in china-russia trade.

in this village in the process of human history, all without exception of starting doing business, but there is a small path, became even billionaires are the envy of.

under the influence of the zhangs' brothers and lv weixin, village guy li yingchao mixture also move the idea to go to russia earn big money, then let the family patchwork started out of the ten thousand yuan of money.pskov in northwest li yingchao to russia, but at that time, chinese business is hard, li yingchao not only in the restaurant, because the language only when after hutch, can then when higher income on the front desk clerk was his dream.

pskov moist climate, suitable for cockroaches breeding, and the lack of local except bombs medicine, li yingchao discovered, work with store up three months of 2700 roubles($100) to wholesale except bombs medicine.he made a small sign, wrote the name and price of the drug, and took to the street to sell the medicine.he made more than 3,000 roubles a month in broken russian and hand gestures.

is not to be rich by selling cockroach pills, but to develop a language barrier, li premier league often goes to the library.due to hard work, li premier league has been liked by russian beauties.a russian girl named yuleia, a 23-year-old librarian, has just graduated from moscow university.

from acquaintance to love two increasingly close, but especially niche her parents does china's poor guy, because of the particular niche she not only has a good culture, family, and her father, or a senior russian military order to stop the two of them, the father arranged for the soldiers to send their daughter to and from work every day.but li is also a non-loser, and in order to meet his beloved, li will go to the library to adjust his time to yuleia.when a particular niche is sick, all li yingchao also care, impressed the particular niche her at the same time also let the girl's parents see in the eye, after inspection, especially accepted li yingchao niche of her parents.the two were married at the pskov church the day before christmas 2002.under the influence of li's premier league, the village of sihe has returned to the village with the beautiful russian wife, and eventually more than 22 russian beauties settled in the village of sihe.

small make up epilogue:village from poor to rich mixture in 20 years, but the staggering wealth is hidden behind the wisdom of the whole village and struggle.zhangs' brother in jail after find business opportunities, but after lv weixin rich the whole village, li yingchao stranded after getting rich but still insist on learning, it is the valuable spiritual support the village people out of the mountain, out of poverty, mixture finally by hands stretched village people won the brilliant life!