the country is about to sink to the bottom of the sea and blame china for not helping

in august 2013, the united states deep-sea exploration in the marianas trench, smith found a more than 8 square kilometers of sea island to the ancient land type, through the research that is at the same time with japan's sister island.that is to say, a hundred thousand years ago, there used to be an 80, 000 square kilometer sister in the eastern part of honshu, and now lies in a quiet, three-kilometer-deep trench.

this discovery to japanese fried from all walks of life, speculation before, now has become a blood dripping wet.a long time ago, japanese scientists had studied the possibility that japan could slip into the mariana trench next to that is not scaremongering.we know that the plate collision between asia and the pacific intensified after the devastating earthquake in indonesia in 2004.japan, in the middle of the gap, was very embarrassed and was quickly sliding towards the mariana trench.

in fukushima earthquake and nine years, japan's whole six meters, japan's large and small earthquakes over the years, they have on the crime more walk more far, nine cows all pull don't come was supposed to be.the slide is inevitable but very slow, and it takes a hundred thousand years to fall completely.but recently the japanese geologists study, found that the slide is not uniform, for example, he from a block of rock slope on the slope of a slow slide, the slide will be more and more quickly, because with the quality of their own potential, and it itself caused earthquakes can accelerate more slide.the ideal state would take only 10 years, and the island would forever sink into a trench to accompany her sister.

so mr abe's government is actively and surrounding dialogue, hope can put hundreds of millions of the refugees.but in their style, they have been ruled out by the surrounding countries, and it is merciful not to push japan is not very hopeful about southeast asian countries, and they value australia as a land that is very, very recent years, japan's investment in australia has more than doubled, which is to prepare for a rainy day.

japan is about to slide into trenches, japanese netizen has blamed the chinese schadenfreude, eagerly watching, chinese netizens for melon seeds on the bench, and take time to reply:rest assured, we won't be watching you to death, when the time comes, we will close your eyes.

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