do you really know japan?in fact, this is the true and terrible of this nation!

talk about japan, i guess you haven't seen it yet, but you've already tried to make fun of me.

because our impression of japan is not so good, the japanese used as aggression and hostility to our country, including as a boycott of japanese goods, discrimination to compatriots, etc., and even malignant events have happened a few years ago.

for the chinese, japan is a country with a familiar and strange.familiar, because from the perspective of history, from childhood to education numerous times, the imperial preface of the most must be"japan";opening the internet, there are countless jokes about the japanese leader and the japanese.but in japan, we are very strange, because in japan's understanding of the country still through the internet, print, or else, as if separated by a layer of frosted glass to see.

what on earth is the country?there is rarely an intuitive understanding.just like many japanese don't understand china, most people don't understand japan.aside from politics and hostility, what about the real japan?today, we can get to the bottom of the problem:the management of"/p>

(1) management is open

because of the general legal awareness and moral integrity, the gap between the rich and poor in japanese society is small, and justice and justice are achieved to the maximum extent.the management of the japanese society is very open, from the government gate of unattended, to the stadium for the unattended, park, etc., openness and freedom everywhere manifests a kind of confidence self-discipline of social management mode.

(2) the streets clean

if you travelled to japan, the biggest feeling is supposed to be two words:clean!japan is not only the main thoroughfare of big cities, but also the streets of small streets are particularly clean is that?

even a small alley, there is also a special delicate and clean, and even more shocking is the quiet alley, more precisely called silence.the road was narrow and could only pass through a car, but there was no room for it.

and on the streets of japan, you rarely see a trash can, everyone is to put the rubbish into the bag to bring it home to classification processing.or you can throw it in the trash can at the door of the convenience store.

this is for the convenience of the people in the convenience store to buy the things the rubbish.

japan is a country with a serious lack of resources, and many times it needs waste.recycled paper, secondary water bottles and so on can be bought in the supermarket, the reduction of garbage can be beneficial to the city clean and tidy, reduce the burden of cleaning personnel, and thus reduce the waste of hiring human resources.

(3) is an aging problem.the number of people over 80 years old in japan has exceeded the 10 million mark, an inevitable aging problem, which leaves japan with a labor chinese eyes should have abetted the elderly, is a valuable labor resources in japan, many japanese 60-80-year-old man still will choose to go out to work, nearly 80 years old but still firmly in the work of the old man is very common.

(4) pay attention to integrity

as the trip to japan is also more and more, all kinds of cosmetics skincare product by chinese tourists often sweep out, then japan will buy fake goods in japan?the answer is:no.

japanese people generally do not sell fake goods, in japan, even if again small shop, cheap goods, again to buy fake goods or defective goods is very difficult, because once found, will be quite heavy fines, and stores reputation destroyed.japanese shopkeepers place a premium on credibility, and if they are not careful to go into a fake sale, it's possible that a boss will commit suicide.

but also occasionally in japanese business fraud phenomenon, such as foreign products have been pretending to be japanese, but this is the result of the average person can't afford.

(5) is a great variety of etiquette.japanese people pay great attention to the cultivation of etiquette, which is influenced by ancient china.the rules of etiquette rule the japanese, but they add a lot of this"tough"protocol good or bad?the japanese themselves have a hard time giving the answer.

(6) perfect the public facilities

this is how to evaluate?from the small details of life~

metro rail

consider to take the subway of different height, japan's subway rail height differ, to facilitate the needs of the different height, details are small, but the details of a sweet and warm...

about saving water

japan's sink and toilet together, wash water will flow into the store in the toilet, can flush the toilet, so that the secondary utilization of the water, a small design, each year for the japanese save water resources beyond imagination.

japanese toilet very emphasis on human, the facilities are also considering the needs of different people.some mother-baby toilets are equipped with shelves for babies to sit, and detailed instructions.

the music player of toilet

in order to avoid embarrassing toilet sound, a lot of toilets are installed in japan a generator called"sound", she can imitate the sound of water, you go to the bathroom hand have the same concerns?it is conceivable that the japanese would like to have a nuanced problem.

(7) national quality high

in japan, forget to lock the door, i don't care about it when you think about it, it's normal in japan to have the unclosed door.

stop to handle affairs, bicycle lock, and never taken out, the things in the box car never also won't lose anyway.

when buy something never change, never less anyway.

no matter know it or not, as soon as they met smile bow;

the restaurant lack of curiosity;anyway, the streets and lanes are all about the same price.

in addition to the home, don't open a door, because all are automatic doors in public places.

crowded trams every station can be consciously give way to the people behind the car;

even if don't have a car darling will wait for the green light to cross the road;

although japanese society also has a lot of problems to solve, but the japanese high quality is generally accepted fact.

, if you want to go beyond your opponent, you should acknowledge your shortcomings, see the strengths of each other, and try to learn from them, so that you can win the real respect of the world!


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