moon is hit hard!a new set of data: south korea was dragged down by thaad


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since"sade"in korea, south korea not only never have regret rather often howls, and fantasy countermeasures will last long in china, but the reality soon give south koreans love fantasy a lesson.

association reports, december 3, japan and south korea released data show, the congressional budget policy han zhongguo sharply reduced, since the beginning of the year to visit south korea tourism sales fall 7.45 trillion won(rmb 45.5 billion), the data base is based on months year-on-year to reduce the number of visitors per capita consumption and china.chinese tourists spent$20,59.5 per person last year, above the average of$1,625 for the first nine months of this year, the number of chinese tourists fell by 366,000, or 3294, 000, compared with the same period last all areas, shopping reduced by 4.93 trillion won, the housing industry reduced by 1.12 trillion won, the catering industry reduced by 830 billion won, and the transportation industry reduced by 30 billion won.

the current world economic situation is not clear, chinese tourists so greatly reduced on the south korean economy undoubtedly caused great impact.since the introduction of thaad, south korea has been hoping to make the us more deeply involved in northeast asia through this geopolitical adventure.on the one hand can increase american military force in the peninsula nuclear issue directly determination, because south korea has become a part of the asia-pacific anti-missile network, complete merger peninsula is the safest way to maintain asia-pacific missile defense network security;

to the chinese security pressure, on the other hand to worthy the united states as the world's sole military superpower, military forces deployed anywhere in the world will bring great safety pressure theory, even if china firmly opposes and adopts economic countermeasures, compromise will be the only option in the face of pressure from the world's first military power.south korea policy makers think, according to the classical theory of constructivism, international relations as long as can survive the early rounds economic shocks will default"sade"deployment of reality in china, economic ties between the two countries natural recover gradually, because between countries have many so-called"peace mechanism"to"alleviate"differences between the two countries, through some meaningless after the dialogue, all want to take care of"cooperation".in the process, south korea is even looking forward to raising its asking price, blackmailed china into compromising its own interests on the peninsula.

however, as china's various countermeasures continues, the situation is not according to the theory of south korea's design fact from the pure military technology perspective,"sade"is by no means not defense, since the development of china's military modernization has enough ability to ensure wartime implements effectively destroyed, even for"sade"so china is entirely ignored capital and reserves.but taking a long view of national security will have serious consequences.

peripheral security is the basis of a country's overall security, especially for large countries."sade"into the reality of korean military significance is very limited, the bigger value lies in the potential directivity, namely to many of china's sinister countries suggests that china has no ability to control the perimeter security situation.once this kind of impression formation, is not only in northeast asia, china could turmoil surrounding, even possible territorial disputes intensify or generate new territorial disputes, carefully crafted a relatively safe for many years development environment may end.

is the abyss, china has no room for compromise on thaad, and peace is achieved by struggle rather than compromise.south korea's introduction of thaad would be tantamount to a sense of self-inflicted embarrassment.if you still fail to recognise the situation, you will only make yourself more passive.notice:

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