enough of the american tax reform is coming to the end!

became her cause celebre.i u.s.tax reform has been in the near future, tax reform plan now finally fall to the ground after tinkering, according to several media reports(beijing time) on saturday afternoon, the republican tax reform approved by the senate votes, the outcome of the vote to 51:49.it was the biggest overhaul of the u.s.tax code in more than 30 years.according to the latest by the tax reform act, the u.s.corporate tax will be cut from 35% to 20%, the tax reform, for the global financial market will undoubtedly bring great impact, at the same time for the world entity economy will also bring significant impact, as the world's second largest economy, the largest developing country and the world manufacturing factory in china, its impact is very big, so the specific impact of, our country economy have a buffer space?

under the combined a year left

recently, ocean the other shore of the united states make a noisy, state of economic development and to our country economy"sanctions", and now have a tax reform by the blockbuster information, tax reform is not do more harm than good for the u.s.economy, enterprise income tax rate from 35% to 35% only can make enterprise rooted in the united states, and more importantly, the united states as the world's biggest economy, under the current economic recovery to the tax reform through will no doubt attract more enterprises to the united states,(you know the american tax cuts taxes lower than in oecd countries about 25% of the average) so that the u.s.real economy development more.

overseas enterprise backflow of the united states, bring not only is the enterprise, and technology, capital and jobs, and this change will directly affect the pattern of the world economy, some emerging economies because of the economic structure is imperfect, migration will inevitably lead to a large number of enterprises, combining with the dollar as the dominant currency, the dollar in recent years under the condition of continuous raising interest rates and shrink table, capital flows to the united states or will accelerate the pace of enterprise development is the purpose of profit, capital is also profit, the united states through tax reform and raising interest rates two sets of punch down america raise interest rates is a big probability event(december).

so the attraction of the world capital will no doubt be improved obviously, and lead to some countries need to take more pressure on capital outflows, enterprise or foreign to leave home, directly will cause the outflow of capital and the economic recession, indirectly affect the exchange rate stability, or even a country's assets revaluation price!(don't"take the seat".i'm talking about some emerging market countries).historically, capital outflows have caused an economic crisis in a country.

for our country's economy, although the current economic development is in a state of steady growth, but most of the forecast of economic institution in our country economic growth next year will fall, in global trade, the united states through tax reform will not cause the powerful enterprises in our country to the united states to run?especially for foreign investment, where profitable is the"home", the next will be concrete, the influence of such as enterprise after departure left a lot of jobs, and take away a large amount of capital, a slowing economy combined with external to the enterprise in our country, the importance of foreign capital for china's unspoken), the impact of think are a little scary.

but terrible terrible, there will always be ways to solve, first of all, in order to get through the tax reform, have modified some of the details, the senate version, began to implement the timing of the new tax is 2019, that is to say, we still have a year of time to do the buffer, in space, in time for next year china will continue to supply side structural reform as the route of economic reform, which is likely to leverage and the cost reduction, short board three major tasks as the main body, and the key will be by a systemic financial risk does not occur as the bottom line, these are conducive to the healthy development of our country's economy.

it is worth mentioning that the characteristics of concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings in china is still has the superiority, cost reduction is difficult, but under the impact of the external environment have to reversed transmission reform, our country economy market capacity is very big, under the condition of continuously raise the motive force of economic development, hope our economy going!

the last say 1, through tax reform is not entirely in america's interest, the u.s.debt, according to multiple agencies estimate, such a tax would make the administration shall be partially exempt from the$2 trillion to$6 trillion over the next 10 years financial, is inherently debt size and substantially lower taxes, if encountered bottleneck of economic development(especially wall street), so economic risk is still not small!

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