the last time he was asked how to rate bin laden, only saddam could have said that!

and bin laden are both famous anti-american warriors, and they are often compared, but they are different.saddam was inadvertently offended the united states, to the united states but did not do anything too much, and osama bin laden is the initiative launched an attack against the united states, and the united states a large number of casualties.compared to saddam hussein, americans should be less fond of bin laden.

to iraq during saddam hussein administration development is very good, but he is very belligerent, often for other countries to wage war, complaints were eventually provoked a foreigner, the last of the war in iraq, not many people support saddam hussein.the reason for america's war is that iraq contains weapons of mass destruction and also supports terrorist groups in the palestinian territories.

bin laden always think an artist in the middle east arab countries to unite, the forces of the west out of the middle east.but it was the last thing the united states wanted to see, and bin laden's frustration with the united states turned out to be an extreme form of terror that would hurt countless countries.

many people believe that saddam hussein and osama bin laden, the same as people in the middle east, also is the enemy of the united states, should be linked.but after his arrest, saddam hussein said he did not know bin laden.when asked about bin laden's views, saddam said he was a psycho and he disagreed with bin laden.

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