the country does not have an inch of territory but it has been in the territory for years now by renting a building

there are more than 200 countries in the world, which give you a map of the world and you look for the places where you find them.but there is a strange"country"that you can never find on a map, even though it has existed for over a thousand years.the name of this country is the knights of malta, which is known as the knights of the sovereign military hospital in jerusalem, rhode island and malta.there are more than 100 countries in the world that recognize it as a country, but we don't recognize it.malta has offices in more than one hundred countries around the world or the embassy, and maintained good relations with these countries, and the national basic is christian and catholic country.

malta in hospital formerly known as the knights of the earliest, because the organization was founded in 1048 in a hospital in jerusalem, hence the name.the order of the knights was to help the poor and the sick who came to 1099 the crusades occupied jerusalem, and part of the crusaders were reorganized on the basis of the order of the hospital order to recognize the long-term contribution of the knights of the hospital in jerusalem, in 1110, the holy see recognized the independence of the order, and soon afterwards the order of the knights of the hospital was proclaimed.

after hundreds of years after the founding of the people, because the war hospital order lost jerusalem, lead to the knights had to move to other places, in rhode island in greece.after that, the knights of the hospital leased the island of malta to the kingdom of sicily, and the rent was a gold coin per year, and it had its own"territory".it is also the origin of the name of the knights of malta, the names of places like jerusalem, rhode island and malta, to commemorate the places where they once lived.

in 1798, napoleon's army occupied the island of malta, malta, deportation, make them lost territory again.malta, and start looking for a stranger, wandering everywhere, until 1834, the roman cult rented a land of 12000 square meters(may be permanent loan), and then built the"malta palace".the maltese palace is also a place where the knights of malta live and work, though only a few dozen resident residents.

although malta, this country didn't agriculture and industry, but they can still feed themselves.the knights of malta have been engaged in their ancient cause-doing good, doing charity.the mission operates dozens of church schools and hospitals around the world, collecting donations and making charitable donations around the world.they also issue commemorative stamps, which is a considerable income.the knights of malta also have their passports, but the passport is only a memorial, otherwise the palace of malta is not"full"!

the knights of malta's most profitable business is selling knighthood, it is said that a knighthood can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.some people are very willing to pay for the knighthood of the maltese knights, who are either worshipers of chivalry or rich people who love the elegance of chivalry.

although malta is not recognized in our country is a country, but the eyes of the united nations malta, also has the nature of quasi state, malta, but un observers!they even have the country's telecommunications code.currently, only six countries in asia, including thailand, acknowledged that malta is a country, in europe, the americas, africa, admitted that the country is very much, and has set up of malta, the embassy.