why is it that japan has more than 10,000 graves

japan is a small country, land is scarce, can make use of the land is less, but more than 200000 graves in their countries, including more than 100 of the emperor of the ancient grave, you know in china many tombs were found in the construction process, in order to protect them to dig, so japan also encountered such a problem is why wouldn't they

the emperor of japan for

guling, for example, in fact, japan has a lot of supporters excavated tomb, archaeological research because they want to do, but the government and the public opposition.it has to do with japanese culture.they have great respect for ghosts, so they respect the tomb and never have the intention to dig it.moreover, they believed that the dead were large and should not disturb the rest of the dead.but this is not a preference for japan.they are certainly not all those who respect the dead, but most of them are very deferential to the dead and the grave.

in addition, there is another reason for the argument of their ancestors, a large part of the japanese people think that his blood is very pure, but there are many legends about their ancestors, is one of the most popular chui fook dongdu, another is the migrating north koreans.some japanese are embarrassed to discover that their ancestors were chinese when they dug up the imperial tombs.

at the same time, because there are many, the emperor of japan's ancient graves have just identified a large part of shogun period, so they are not optional mining, afraid to a personal worship for years ancestors is just an ordinary man, it would be ridiculous.but for whatever reason, they don't dig tombs was quite agree with this small make up, we can't always in the name of protection to dig the grave, it really does not conform to the traditional concept of chinese culture.

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