did the boxing champion get squeezed in jail?the object of catty is changed to be the chimpanzee it also has to be pressed dry!

:when we talk about the boxing champion tyson, we've made a few hundred million dollars from the poor.

a lifetime don't know how many girlfriend, from tyson in britain almost walking in the street will be crowd, to sign for photos.even then, a lot of girls came running to pick up tyson.tyson is also popular in france.after all, european and american women are more open, especially in france, the so-called romantic capital.tyson has gone to france twice, and every time he finds a different woman in france, she is a temporary girlfriend.to japan, britain, and canada all left his footprints.

an unexpected was in prison he came close to being sucked dry body!see how crazy tyson's life is.more surprisingly, the object is a woman of over 300 jin!some said he was"hungry", but it was unexpected that he had asked the 300-jin woman to marry him when he was in prison.

on march 26, 1992, the former heavyweight boxing champion mike tyson was indianapolis court fined$30000 for rape and sentenced to six years in prison.after entering the prison, a lot of female fans came to see him, tyson found his favorite, and then he took them to his own room to play acrobatics with her.later, slowly being known by the guards, the tyson law was born!in this way, he could not sleep without women.

gradually he moved his attention to the policewoman.she is tyson's addiction counselor, who weighs nearly 300 pounds.but tyson has launched a series of pursuits for him, and was initially refused and even punished.but later, when tyson learned about the counselor's family situation, it was not easy to know the counselor.he is a single mother, a man who is very hard and very poor at home.so tyson gave him a helping hand, so slowly the drug counselor became the girlfriend of tyson, who often went to tyson's one-room acrobatics.

slowly, tyson didn't even have time to start the training, often heard in running the radio shout:tyson, you should go to the drug classes!tyson later recalled:"she was like a wild boar and it was challenging to be with her.it is conceivable that a woman weighing more than 300 jin will be a kind of experience.don't say it's tyson, and it must have been a chimp!

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