millions of japanese have suddenly come to china to hide their true intentions


the japanese crimes committed in china, every chinese is eternal life does not forget!now china is not going to war in a peaceful and friendly way, but that does not mean that it has erased what japan has done in the past to remind people of the gnashing of we all know, japan is belong to the part of asia, is composed of many islands, in the past great history of china, japan and china is not never co-existed, still exist while the links instead.

in a large part of japanese culture is originated from chinese culture, such as the implement of the system, the formulation of laws and regulations, building style and the chinese characters, even now also have a lot of chinese characters in japanese language system, and there are many japanese folklore are descendants of the chinese people, such as the qin dynasty chui fook, search for qin shi huang elixir of immortality, and become the japanese ancestors, etc.

but, whatever it is circulated, japanese people always don't admit their ancestors are chinese, but in the 70 s of the 20th century was a funny thing, is a large number of the japanese delegation to china renzuguizong suddenly, this let people feel funny at the same time also surprised and doubt.

the original things in 1979, was the cause of a japanese suddenly came to china and said he was of the daughters of the wang, request renzuguizong, later allowed into shanxi taiyuan wang's family tree, ever since the first after the success of the japanese renzuguizong in china, is an"comeback"heat, began to have a large number of japanese people run renzuguizong china claims.

since the seventy s of the 20th century up to now, the surname of the clan xu received from japan fujiwara family progenitor, from many other families have also come to china and japan finally managed to find their own"ancestors", and be accepted.

according to incomplete statistics, the number of japanese families to join china has more than one million people, so there was a lot of different sounds, or fall, of course, will come to china some people think that the japanese mass renzuguizong motivation is not pure.

actually speaking, why a batch after batch of, more and more japanese renzuguizong delegation to china, because of japan's main think from their own survival, many islands of japan, and every year at the speed of 10 cm sliding into a trench, and japan also released a film called"japan subsidence", this is the japanese sense of crisis deepened, plus japan itself is located in the earthquake zone, earthquake will happen often, this same list, let the japanese people more and more panic, and even more scary every earthquake in japan, the speed of the sliding into a trench will speed up the time, not to mention of japan's mount fuji, volcanic eruption, this may at any time will be japan towards perdition, if true, and how should base on japan?

when the panic of japanese civilians will give oneself leave ground for retreat, let oneself have a way to retreat at some critical moments, is keen found that there is no better place than china, and the rest of the ability and the space is limited, to say the least even if you can hold is not willing to accept.

, but there are some similarities between japanese and chinese folklore and institutional language, which adds to the hope that china can accept them!

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