mr. xi met his old classmates at the hotel on a business trip


xi jinping said very busy, not too much, in the end after a state visit to vietnam, xi jinping, at 5 pm at 3 pm local time, on the special flight vientiane adai international airport, began to visit laos.

one to laos, xi jinping had a very tight schedule, and on the 13th day he met two people:

    <p>general secretary of the central committee of the lao people's revolutionary party and the president of the state, benyang</p><p>former general secretary of the central committee of the lao people's revolutionary party and former president of the state of china, jumari</p>

:7 p.m., at the banquet hall of the president of the state at the banquet hall.

14 days, and again at the hotel where i met lao's family friend.

lai specially to give them a black-and-white tv

run up the family, refers to the lao expensive ning, a former foreign minister, after he ran up the of people.


:he founded the lao peace neutral party in the late 1950s and served as party chairman.he forged a profound friendship with chinese leaders such as mao zedong and zhou enlai and was an important architect of china-laos friendship.

"my father dear ning, run up the ancestral home of the original department of china guangdong chaoshan", the daughter of your ning open non-success had said in the media,"lao right-wing coup in 1960, my father to you, our eight and seven sister and laos in 1961 dignitaries children arrange to come to china.from then on, we checked into the"peace hotel"of beijing goldfish hutong, which became the second hometown of laotian children.

in april 1963, laos against american aggression war, then the lao of the coalition government's foreign minister ning, run up the assassinated by reactionary forces, with the help of zhou enlai prime minister and foreign minister chen yi, the chinese side will received his wife and children studying in china.

is recalled, deng yingchao visited them many times.

"remember the eve of the spring festival in 1965, our brothers and sisters just from school, he saw a black car slowly stops in the compound 3 moon gate, deng mother out of the car and saw we asked with concern:"children, the habit of just came to china to live?"deng's mother listened carefully to the report of the hotel manager, and inspected the room where we lived.she also gave us a black and white tv set for the sake of enriching my life.

, when the chinese economy was difficult, television was a rare rarity.the hotel's chinese and beijing snacks are all fine, but the restaurant leader, in order to make us tasty, arranged for uncle xiao to go out and learn how to cook lao food.

public report shows that they went to school in eight schools, shi jia primary school and other places until they returned to laos in 1970.

7 years


<.p>the eldest son gamjo</p><p>four women(former assistant governor of the national bank of laos)</p><p>second son samano(general manager of the national power construction installation company in laos)./p><p>sanzi song ma(minister of natural resources and environment)</p><p>four children song marke</p><p>five women(minister of trade and industry of laos)</p><p>wuzi song bao</p><p>six children song peng(staff of the german embassy in laos)</p>

it is worth mentioning that run up the other few children also became the laos national beams, such as song item is lao silicon industry co., ltd., deputy general manager, this song is laos, director-general of the department of the ministry of railway.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/psome of the children in the family have been in the same school as mr xi at eight schools."president xi jinping is an alumnus of my school,"he told reporters."i was in fifth grade, he was in middle school, my brother was at the same level as him."

again five female mani, for example, she said,"know that when i was a kid, chairman of the xi is on the north sea kindergarten in beijing, also affectionately said to me, that we are still friends' garden '?"

zheng jun notice, at the time of the meeting, someone ran up the family brought a photograph-june 16, 2010, the then vice president xi jinping met run up the family photographs.

according to the reports, that afternoon, during a visit to laos short and nervous, xi jinping, specially arrange time met with 10 your ning, run up the posterity, seven of them are brothers and sisters.

, according to song ma, the visit was only 23 hours, but xi said he would like to meet old friends from his old soon as he was seated, xi jinping said:"half a century ago, when he met his hometown, he was expecting and delighted..."he looked at samano."i remember you were fat when you were young and they called you 'little fat'."

the meeting four years later, in may 2014, the chinese people's association for friendship with foreign countries on the 60th anniversary of activity, xi jinping, immediately recognized the samar.

"small fat you come"

"is an old fat man"

is also in may of that year, the chinese people's association for friendship with foreign countries and friendly association between china and laos are awarded your ning, the running of the shed, song that a horse, run up the father and son"laos friendship award".

7 years ago, the family sent three photos to xi jinping.

the first one is chairman mao zedong's brilliant conversation with mr.guining.the second is that premier zhou enlai and mr.yining come out of the great hall of the people.the third one is the smiling face of premier zhou.

and xi jinping ordered the staff to prepare a photo album for the family of the penshonas, the eight schools they had studied.

bayi school website, bayi school is located in the core area of beijing zhongguancun science park of beijing, was founded in 1947, is founded by marshal nie rongzhen personally rongzhen children school development of a modern history school.

according to jinping chen qiuying teachers of junior high school, xi jinping, the return to his alma mater, elementary school and junior high school also specially invited teacher who had taught him.

besides chen qiuying, there is another teacher had taught him english chen zhong korea, a few old teacher with s, also specially invited in the past had taught himself, but the relatives of the dead old teacher, about 15 people.

is not just a"narrate"

but this time with the old classmates, xi jinping is not just"catching up".

:before the visit to laos, xi also published a signed article entitled"join hands to build a community of common destiny with strategic significance".

this article, he has introduced this rush up the family,"lao important leaders you ning, run up the descendants, study in china for many years, they left the footprint of the youth in china, has become a witness to the bilateral traditional friendship, to inherit and enabler."

after arrived in vientiane, xi delivered a written speech at the airport, he opens stressed"by the communist party of china and laos are both socialist countries, is truly good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners".

"i'm visiting laos this time to push the relationship between china and laos to a new level."during the meeting with zhu mali, xi said that the important achievements of the 19th major are conducive to building a new type of international relations and building a community of common destiny with strategic significance.

laos is also very popular with xi's visit.

"for president xi jinping's visit, lao people are eagerly awaiting!"lao people's revolutionary party central communications minister shun tong said,"in the lao people's hope xi general secretary's visit to deepen the two countries in political, economic, cultural, health and other fields of cooperation and tangible benefits to the two peoples."


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