remember that?this was a very humiliating event in china in the last few days!


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to september 4 this year, it's been 24 years since that incident that made china feel humiliated.

a lot of young people don't necessarily know that, but in the post-founding relationship between china and the united states, this could be the most humiliating moment in china.

on september 4, 1993, dammam port in saudi arabia, the united states, saudi arabia, chinese officials to open the steamer the milky way, on the 628th, is also the last one container, the us finally admitted that the milky way, didn't find any chemical weapons.but on this day, the galaxy has been forced to suspend normal shipping for 33 days, which has not only caused serious economic losses to china, but also caused bad political influence in the world.

:no chemical weapons were found in the united states.but it is also a permanent member of the un security council, can be made up an excuse at will by other people casually, the door enters the room to look at random, this is how humiliate!


, the deputy director of the department of international affairs of the foreign ministry was later interviewed by cctv, and he used 17 times to express his feelings at the time.

<img src=""/>people today may not be able to imagine the humiliation that china suffered at the time.

on july 23, 1993, the united states suddenly send ships, aircraft, is blocked in the indian ocean steamer sailing the high seas of china galaxy, and the reason is that the milky way, is being transported to iran manufacture to manufacture chemical weapons sulfur diethylene glycol and thionyl chloride raw materials.

, under the international convention on the sea, when a merchant ship is on the normal course of the high seas, the ship is the territory of the country.but for americans, it doesn't matter.chinese cargo ships have problems.

:the united states also has three conditions for china:first, the galaxy will return immediately.second, let the americans board the ship;third, stay put, waiting for the ebb.if not, i'm sorry, china will be severely sanctioned.

, meanwhile, the united states, taking the chinese cargo ship carrying chemical weapons contraband as an example, put pressure on the neighboring countries to refuse the chinese freighter.

is a strong protest against us bullying.even the top leaders have come out to think that the galaxy was not banned.but the united states was unmoved, with warships and helicopters circling the galaxy, and the galaxy could only break down on the high seas.

final compromise is actually china's concession-the milky way has been examined by the united states.dammam port in saudi arabia, according to the original agreement, china and the united states and saudi arabia in joint inspection on 49 containers shipped to iran, but after going through these 49 containers, did not find the united states wants to see the raw material for chemical weapons.

america is not dead.united states on behalf of, the united states embassy in saudi arabia counselor mark um, said washington believes that the united states only checked the milky way, part of goods,"can't publicly acknowledged the boat fails to sulfur diethylene glycol and thionyl chloride chemicals".he said that either the ship's chinese goods would be checked in full, or they would be checked in part of the list until washington thought it could be done.

america is out of the box, but china has no choice but to give in.finally, all galaxy number containers, one opened and one checked.after turning over the full 628 containers, the united states finally confirmed that it was the wrong information and that no chemical weapons material was found on the milky way.



galaxy events finally the time, mr.sha, who was very angry, told the american people,"did you buy all your information for a dollar?

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/p>/p>.otherwise, the us forcibly embarkation, china is powerless to stop, more face sweep.

is a world of moral law and order, but in many cases, might is right and hegemony is rampant.this is a reality that sometimes has to be accepted.

galaxy, which was a huge stimulus for china at the time.let china realize that if we do not want to suffer humiliation, we must develop our economy and strengthen our national strength.

is the hard truth, the strength is the real kung fu.

24 the past, china has changed to make the world amazing.not only has china become the world's second largest economy, but china already has an ocean-going navy, and chinese warships have been patrolling the gulf of aden for years.china's aircraft carriers are already in the pipeline, and more are under construction.

china can't be militarization.but without strength, the second is more likely to be, it may be hard to imagine that the united states, in the open seas, suddenly mobbed a chinese cargo ship in the high seas, forcing a ship to inspect it.

is a coincidence, 24 years later, on september 4, 2017, the brics summit will be held in xiamen, where the chinese leaders will feast on foreign guests.

24 years later is an honor, 24 years ago was a disgrace.

24 years, this is the past, but the first shame of china's three great humiliations in the 1990s, the humiliation can never be erased.



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