the fact that the iraqi war in the desert has dug up the chinese wreckage is poignant

a decade ago, the americans took less than two months in iraq is captured, the former iraqi president saddam hussein from power, want to know the time of the iraq is in the middle east is a big military power, saddam's development after the oil made money, immediately put the money in the military, buying a lot of advanced aircraft.

but surprisingly, the war in iraq, we have not found the emergence of such planes, the iraqi air force's whereabouts is a mystery.the end of the war, after u.s.troops in iraq, the iraqi government had sent troops to recover the iraqi air force base, but let people didn't expect that the government army was near the base of discovered the remains of aircraft in the desert.

after the soldiers dug up the aircraft from the desert found that saddam hussein had ever purchased from china annihilates seven aircraft, obviously, this is before the start of the war, saddam hussein was buried, and these aircraft radar systems have been damaged.

before the u.s.had dug was buried in the desert of mig 25, why should saddam fighter buried but don't take it out with?original as early as in before the start of the war, the americans would send someone attacked the iraqi air force base, these aircraft radar system was destroyed, and saddam was afraid of american troops in the war again to these planes bomb, just good, bad and are buried, used for posterity.

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