the vietnamese border rural tour sees a lot of girls who were waiting to buy her tourists

because of the war in vietnam's chronic, adult male abnormal death too much, lead to vietnam proportion serious imbalance between men and women, men in some areas even encouraged to three wives four concubines, vietnam girl, of course, gentle like water, the skin also is very good.

economic environment and the years of war in vietnam girl waijia a lot, and the cost is low, in recent years, more and more people to travel to vietnam, many foreigners, south korea, thailand.china, in particular, travels to vietnam a million times a year, with male visitors most important to see vietnamese girls.

it sights a bit like the nineties of the home, the mans street in vietnam, cell phone still have signal, can receive sms, sell goods, here is a lot of people come over from china at a very early age, as long as you speak chinese, can find the person of hometown.

but the most favorite tourists in some rural vietnam, a lot of vietnam girl sitting on the sidewalk and door or on the street, because they know a lot of male visitors come in for them, some girls even only 13 to 15 years old.vietnam's cities, marriage agency all over the streets, to marry into myanmar, thailand, malaysia and other countries of the vietnamese women not a few, but most of the girl is keen on economy more developed countries such as china, south korea.

"a mother"said one of the country in vietnam, unified training after concentration.such training includes grooming and grooming, making the girls look more intelligent and the price higher.

also hope waijia vietnamese women, because they're in the home position is very low, but there was no social status through hard work every day, also can not get good material rewards.

their parents some very helpless, some is also pretty cruel, raise daughter sold tens of thousands of yuan, the fate of the parents or elders or daughter in the future, some girls not fare well even turn around.

in north vietnam, however some barbarian tribes, the bride's"first time"is not for her husband, but with the old bed one night, to give thanks.the custom is surprising and not acceptable.

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