china has an emergency export of missiles to the country now it fancy j @

iran as the leading power of the persian gulf region, since the outbreak of the hostage crisis in 1979 after the long-term and the united states led the western countries to maintain opposition, the united states is in the middle east chen bing hundreds of thousands of iran to maintain high pressure this case, iran had to strengthen its national defense strength to combat severe external threats, the two sides can be described as tense.

is unable to confront the united states, iran is also aware of, iran thought of blocking the strait of hormuz this move, because the strategic location of the strait is extremely important, guarding the world's energy transmission channel.missiles are clearly the best weapons, iran is currently equipped with"nuoer"anti-ship missiles called killer.however, little is known that the missile has a strong chinese descent.

era, eager to develop their own military industry in iran saw the chinese c-801 anti-ship a result, the two sides hit it off, china's one-time export of 100 c-801 to iran.subsequently, iran opened a project called"noel"project, based on the c-801 developed a local version of anti-ship missiles, through their own efforts finally succeeded.

about 800 kilograms, the cruising speed of mach 0.9, but close to the target after the height of 5 meters for supersonic low-altitude sea attack, so that the enemy carrier-based air defense system almost no response time.but this missile has a"short legs"of the problem, the early type is only 40 km, improved after the latter range to 120 km, but still can not completely cover the strait of hormuz, so iran has made a major change, the final will range to 170 km.

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since the missile, the iranian emboldened a lot of time, frequently the missile test work.and the narrow strait does limit the us aircraft carrier battle group activities, making the us military quite afraid.however, only an anti-ship missiles wanted to intimidate the united states is obviously a fantasy, in recent years, iran has also started the army and the armed forces of the equipment replacement plan, which is the top priority of the air force.

in the first half of this year, the russian media a message that iran's production of china's f-16 fighters had a strong interest, and sent to shen fei group to contact.and whether this news is true, j-16 fighters do meet the current needs of iran.after all, j-16 not only has a strong ground/sea attack capability, but also have good air combat performance, can be described as"a machine more."and china in the foreign arms sales never set up any additional conditions, almost perfect after-sales service is also unique.

far from the persian gulf, china and iran's military cooperation is obvious to all, and for china, more and more foreign customers are seeking chinese manufacturing, which is no one can deny things.