travel to thailand do not do these things

travel to thailand, visitors do one thing, almost by the local people to fight, because? thailand is located in the south-central peninsula in central and southern china.

and cambodia, laos, myanmar border, southeast of thailand bay, southwest of the andaman sea.tropical monsoon climate.year is divided into hot, rain, cool three quarters.

thai tourism resources are rich and varied, it is a unique tourist resources-simon, is a major attraction, in pattaya simon show more theater, pattaya is also a people will go to a tourist attraction.

bangkok is located on the east coast of the chao phraya river, the capital of, any of your wishes for enjoyment will be met, from the crazy shopping to enjoy the food.bangkok's papong's adult performance is also popular with tourists, but here is very strict, if it is the first time you simply can not find the tourists, must be introduced to go.thailand is also known as the kingdom of buddhism, there are nine people in the local letter of the letter.

buddha, many ancient temples, to worship a lot of people burning incense.but most of the european and american countries do not believe in the buddha, mainly for the local girl came, they see these people who burn incense to worship, kowtow also willing to say funny, dancing that this unscientific, attracted the locals are angry, quickly ran out, will certainly be beaten meal.we must travel to the local people must respect the customs, to be a quality of tourists.

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