us and south korean washing machine battle suddenly warming the korean government to stand behind samsung lg

recently, the us and south korean appliance manufacturers washing machine battle again, the us appliance business whirlpool rely on its backing behind the us government, one after another to samsung, lg angry.the united states international trade commission(itc) samsung electronics and lg electronics issued a ruling statement, making the battle of the washing machine suddenly itc in the united states local time on the 5th issued a statement, ruled that samsung electronics and lg electronics and other foreign-funded enterprises exported to the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, large home washing machine has caused damage to the us washing machine industry, and will be held on the 19th public hearing.for the us itc ruling, samsung electronics expressed disappointment, saying the ruling of the international trade commission will have a negative impact on us the same time, the face of the us home appliance manufacturers behind the strong backing-the us government, samsung, lg also did not show weakness, issued a statement strongly respond to the us itc, but also claimed to seek the help of the south korean government to deal with this washing machine war.

according to yonhap october 11 reported that south korea industry trade ministry of foreign affairs, samsung electronics, lg electronics on the 11th in seoul, korea federation hall meeting on the united states to consider against samsung and lg the washing machine takes safeguards to negotiate to deal with possible trade protection measures that may be implemented in the united states.south korea believes that last year, samsung and lg in the us washing machine market share of 16% and 13%, while whirlpool's market share of 38%, in fact, did not benefit the whirlpool suffered losses.on the contrary, the us side of the samsung lg punishment, only the us consumers and retailers caused losses.

south korea stressed that us consumers have the right to choose the washing machine, while the united states blindly ban the korean washing machine, a serious violation of consumer choice and legitimate rights and interests.south korea also pointed out that in trump was elected president of the united states, samsung, lg has announced plans to build factories in the united and lg plan to invest in south carolina and tennessee to build home appliances factory for the united states to create jobs.

facing whirlpool picks up trade protection, samsung, lg rely on the korean government to come forward, whether the regain in the washing machine market, samsung, lg's next move worth looking forward to.

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