the philippines apologized to china for this purpose

since the duttle came to power, china-philippine relations have been in the"intimate"stage.

local time on october 5, china's second aid to the philippines to fight against terrorist weapons arrived in manila, the total value of about 30 million yuan.but at the donation ceremony, the philippine side has misused the taiwanese defense department response, the philippine ministry of defense today officially apologized to china, saying the act was"serious and not intentional"error.philippine defense ministry stressed that the philippine military strictly abide by the philippine government to pursue the"one china"policy.

the philippine ministry of defense spokesman on the 9th issued a statement on the people's republic of china ban on firearms and ammunition transfer ceremony on the technical errors to apologize to the chinese side, the full text is as follows:

in the face of such a diplomatic accident, netizens commented into two factions, to express their views.........................................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

:it seems that china not only to aid the philippine rifle, but also to aid their flag...

@a wei popular:eat eclipses, deliberately point unitary son molested about china.

@mouth escape~ bragging b surgery:this can not be wrong, do not self comfort.china is the world power, next to the big neighbors, the two countries dispute, you told me that the military do not know, the pla will admit the american flag? even our ordinary people will not recognize the japanese flag? i believe that a little look at what news, the chinese people also recognize the korean flag it, the philippines is a country that is a nervous state, not deep cross!

@cgx5322261964:not unintentionally, but intentionally, the philippines got our benefits wanted to give us something, extortion more benefits! to show off in taiwan, want to get good in taiwan.

understand the attitude of the comment area

@baby is not afraid:people since the error can change, we can not chicken stomach, not as an sincerely apologize that china can forgive.

@pocclone:​​our embassy is not responsible, should be a profound review.if there is no intention, we have this measure; if the philippines to try to take the rope, can be a certain degree of understanding(but from the chinese point of view does not support), after all, small country in the cracks, as long as the big is not a big problem and timely remediation(to the other side is a step), this should be a patriot of the small nine.china is in fact welcome the patriots really, rather than the ideals of the individual feelings side by side, between the country only forever interest, and china's mutually beneficial and win-win policy, we are the biggest winner; if the following people engaged in the form or serious ; the last embassy in the number of some dereliction of duty.

@small card:tell the truth, to the patriot's point of view, the old du this time the philippine government is very qualified.although it is no longer a brain stand in the united states and was wearing a variety of shoes, but the old du qiaqia in southeast asia, the two most influential countries to find a fulcrum, this approach, vision and insight enough to be worthy of the 'politician' the is reported that on june 27 this year, china has the first batch of anti-terrorism....................material arrived in the philippines, its value of 14 million us dollars.according to the plan, china will continue to donate to the philippines next year, the third installment of anti-terrorism weapons and equipment.

in the philippines is a big issue, the philippines has recently been showing a"neutral" response to another statement issued by the united states, japan and australia on the south china sea issue during the series, urging the philippines to reintroduce the south china sea arbitration, cayetano responded:"the philippines is a sovereign state and will decide for itself what is good for the philippines, what strategy is good for the country.we respect the views of other countries, but the sino-philippine territorial dispute is a matter between china and the philippines.we do not kiss, do not kiss, do not kiss, do not kiss any country.

is this a superficial show?

after the outbreak of the malawi terrorist attacks, the philippines has shown a typical set of hands, the hands of another set of style of the us marine corps to the philippine army handed over a number of weapons, although this while the durutter slapped the slap in the face, the philippine military explained that it was an agreement reached before duttert declared no longer accept us military aid.

malawi city, anti-terrorism operations, although the us military did not directly war, but the us special forces have provided direct technical support for the philippine military police, as well as from the united states emergency purchase of a large number of aviation bombs and rockets, which does not mention the united states the philippines, including light reconnaissance aircraft and other advanced equipment.

although the philippines is still ready to buy weapons from russia and china, a considerable part of which is military assistance, but according to the latest news, the philippines will return to pro-american road , although it does not mean that it will weaken the relationship with china and russia, but can be seen is that china and russia will reduce the influence of the philippines, which is only dutelter any office, once dutterter step down, i am afraid the philippines will return to the previous state.

although the surface, duder this time the philippine government is relatively qualified to play between china and the united states with ease.however, between countries, interests support, the philippines can not have been so steady play down, to see their good fortune