wang danni wang xiaoni invited the state council overseas chinese affairs office to perform in the united states

september 28, 2017 to october 10, 2017, national day and mid-autumn festival during the festival, the chinese overseas chinese affairs office led the"cultural china"comfort show team to the united states.beijing time on october 1, boston lexington town memorial performance hall packed in warm applause and cheers, the artists for overseas chinese compatriots offer a wonderful performance.the performance was organized by the chinese state council overseas chinese affairs office, the chinese consulate general in new york, hosted by the asia-us fellowship, the asian cultural center and other local overseas chinese community.guo weijie, deputy director of the overseas chinese affairs office of the overseas chinese affairs office, served as head of the art troupe.

for the performance of the performance, the national overseas chinese affairs office in the national selection a group of outstanding artists, carefully selected a series of chinese characteristics with the arts program.performance clothing and background posters and so have been carefully designed, produced, traveled thousands of miles to carry.

the united states to participate in condolences to overseas chinese activities, during the activities were to boston, new york, washington, sao paulo, cincinnati five cities, brought six wonderful cultural performances.time is tight, the task is heavy, but wang ernie and wang xiaoni overcome the difficulties of the time difference, to bring the greetings of the motherland and home of the outstanding folk songs in northern shaanxi.

the original sound of the northern shaanxi accent, their crisp and pure singing will bring a stunning, the audience under the leadership of wang ernian with a well-known northern shaanxi folk song"shandan dan blossoming", the song triggered the audience chorus and warm zhongni said:"during the mid-autumn festival, during the national day to the motherland greetings and home folk songs brought here very meaningful."