incredible! the world has a super capable person he can swallow the highly toxic cobra

whether adults or children, are very yearning to like"superman"has the same magic there any"superman"in the world? the following are those who have been confirmed by the scientific community with super powers, i believe you can give you the best answer.

1, thai snake king

anonymous super powers:live swallow poisonous glasses king snake

thailand, a club to attract guests, even invited"snake king"staged swallowed highly toxic glasses king snake show.the presence of people all for the thai"snake king"pinch a sweat.

it is reported that the king of glasses is one of the world's most terrible snakes, the body is characterized by narrow and long neck extension, but no cobra of the special markings.the release of venom can paralyze the nervous system of the victim's creatures, and even kill a person in 15 minutes.

2, rubber band mr.

real name:mosei lanham super powers:feet can turn around and backward

if mose si will clothes are also back and forth to wear"with"flip the feet, then he seemed to turn the whole body back, only the head also toward the front, looks very strange!

it is reported that mose will create a new guinness book of world records in rome next week to make itself the"most flexible person in the world"!

3, born hercules

anonymous super powers:innate hercules

one day in 1999, a german maternity hospital was born a strange that the presence of the nurse was surprised that they found the baby than the normal baby to be much stronger, and the whole body muscles are kept trembling.after the diagnosis by the doctor found that the baby due to a gene mutation in the body to change the speed of muscle growth, resulting in his birth has been"great force"of the.

the same is true, when the baby is four years old can be raised more than six times the average age of their peers.scientists hope that through this innate study of hercules can find out the reasons, so as to help those suffering from muscular dystrophy patients.

4, sonar

real name:benne andrew wood super powers:magical human sonar

tv, supermarket trolleys and even coffins are once michelle enjoy the food.medical examination shows that michelle's stomach wall thickness is twice that of normal people, it is likely that he has a strong digestive capacity of the reasons.scientists speculate that this rare phenomenon is that michelle has long been formed in the mother.michelle also had two years to eat a record of the aircraft into the guinness book of world records daquan.

8, rock climbing"spider-man"

real in july 2009, a 22-year-old man, jyothi raj, who lives in southern india, has the ability to climb high walls in hand, comparable to comic books....


when the weekend jyothi will go to the local tourist attractions show climb, each time attract a lot of visitors to watch.he was found in 2005 to have this incredible climbing ability.

7, god's hand

real name:big mountain times the ability:super karate

it is said that the only reason not to reach 400 people is because the opponents began to look tired face.according to his legendary experience produced three films, namely"death contest","karate bear fighter"and"lifelong karate."the reason why the"bear fighters"named, probably because he had been fighting with the giant bear.

8, the king of torture

real name:tim quaidland super powers:super endurance

tim is particularly good at swallowing swords, walking on fire, sleeping nail beds and acupuncture and physical damage.

tim said he was able to do so because he had conquered the brain.but the researchers believe that this is because tim is born a genetic mutation, so that he did not have normal pain.

but he and his family are not feeling anything, they can feel the touch and temperature.because the nerve cells within the barrier receptor can not receive the pain, so the brain will not order"let his hand removed from the fire"instructions.

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