zhang yingying details of the case: the suspect was submitted to the case of significant progress?

in the united states was kidnapped in the united states has been affecting the hearts of many people.recently, the us federal grand jury officially on the suspects to add a new prosecution charges, from the original kidnapping offense for kidnapping death.local time on october 11, the us federal district court on the new charges to mention the suspects.

the court of the day, the federal judge said, according to the contents of the indictment , the suspect kristensen allegedly kidnapped the chinese visiting scholar zhang yingying, and led to his death, while the suspects christopher sen also due to the us federal bureau of investigation officers to do false statements, facing the other two the prosecution of the charges, the federal judge made a statement.

in the day of the trial, the federal judge stressed that the suspects grams during the kidnapping of chinese visiting scholar zhang yingying, riestenon used extremely ferocious, brutal and evil ways to cause serious harm to the victim's body and cause his death.when the federal judge asked christensen whether to plead guilty, christensen's federal public lawyer said that christensen did not plead guilty.

finally, the federal judge maintained the date of commencement on february 27, 2018.

if the kidnapping is convicted, the suspect christensen will face a penalty of at least life imprisonment and maximum death penalty.

lawyer, he said in an interview with reporters in the case before the trial, whether the chinese visiting scholar zhang yingying kidnapped the case as a death penalty to trial, but also need to be approved by the us attorney general.

in the course of the day's trial, the us federal judge maintained the original february 27, 2018 case of the trial time.but many legal experts also said that before the formal hearing of the case, if the case itself has been a big progress or the prosecution and defense lawyers will be based on the trial of the case to submit the extension of the motion, which means that the formal opening of the case there may change.