world war ii a pilot parachute failure hanging in the tree for many years now covered with weeds

in the dense jungle, a locals found a strange body, the body hanging in a tree, who has been weeds, it is hard to recognize in the world reported that caused a great uproar, and soon australia claimed the body.

this is a world war ii australian pilot, in the parachute the process is too unfortunate, was stabbed on the branches.which lasted for more than 70 years, the body has been covered with vines and weeds, and trees together.such tragedy, can not help but pull the memories of world war ii that tragic battle in new guinea.

the battle of new guinea is the most tragic experience of the japanese in world war ii.battle.japanese 200,000 people, was killed 19 million, survived less than 5%.australia died each other 95% of the record, which in the world war history is second to none.the japanese, who have always written diary, have not left any words in this far, the japanese can find the corpses but 20,000, others are not seen.its tragic degree can be seen.

in this battle, the japanese were forced to eat the degree of his comrades , many veterans after the war did not dare to recall.this pilots are sacrificed in this battle.

at that time with the japanese start tug of war, the last plane facing oil-free state, emergency situation, too late to confirm the geographical location, choose parachute.fortunately, just jump out for two seconds, the plane was hit and exploded.unfortunately, the landing site is a forest, the parachute was stabbed by the branches, the pilots descended quickly, was killed by the tree branches to wear the abdomen, it was so hung in the tree for more than 70 years, and now has grown up with trees, vines and weeds.

in the sigh of the pilots unfortunately, people are also very fortunate , after 70 years, he finally returned to his hometown, into the soil for security.