investment billion large tire factory roaring!

october 17, 2017, from the united states mississippi governor phil bryant and from the ma pai group tire business executives officially announced that the company confirmed near the county in the new commercial vehicle tire factory the the project's corporate investment is$1.45 billion(about$9.9 billion) and will create 2,500 new jobs.for the project, the continental group will build a production base of millions of square feet, the project is expected to start from january 2018.

"the mississippi project is part of our global growth strategy.the first step is that the new plant is particularly committed to expanding the commercial tires business in north america,"the announcement of the new tire factory in the united states is the second year of the continental group's five-year plan we are grateful to the relevant authorities of mississippi that have led us to this development and we look forward to the strong business relationship in the coming years."

as early as february 4, 2017, the mississippi state assembly voted for the project incentive program.legislators approved$263 million in assistance through the mississippi major economic impacts authority for on-site procurement and on-site preparation, infrastructure improvement and labor training."the mississippi auto industry continues to grow rapidly, and continental's decision to invest here has significantly strengthened mississippi's leadership position in the south automotive corridor."

headquartered in south carolina, the united states ma tire tire co., ltd.(cta) is a subsidiary of the german continental group, providing high-performance tires for ultra-high performance, passenger, light trucks and commercial 2015, the continental group in hannover, germany, had five business units:chassis and safety, indoor, powertrain, tires and contitech, with initial sales of approximately € 39.2 billion(about 320 billion yuan).continental has hired more than 208,000 people in 53 countries.

the group's tire sector currently has 24 production and development bases around the world.

the extensive range of products and continuous r&d investment for the development of enterprises to bring great business opportunities.for one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, the tire sector achieved sales of up to € 9.8 billion in brand commercial tires are one of the world's largest manufacturers of trucks, buses and commercial tires.the current horse in hefei, china has completed the expansion of the three plans, the evening of july 5, 2017, the mainland horse tires hefei plant four expansion project signing ceremony held in the municipal government center.tire business learned that the signing of the four projects in hefei high-tech zone, covering about 270 acres, plans to invest 2 billion yuan, with an annual output of 6 million passenger tires.

production capacity, plans to invest by the end of 2018 a total of about 150 million euros(about 1.1 billion yuan).there are two investment purposes, one is to expand the production capacity of passenger tires, the current passenger car tire production capacity of 1800/year.the other is to increase the capacity of agricultural tires in the present the factory mainly to the production of standard van and light commercial vehicle tires.

in april 2017, the new investment in horse tires thailand rayong(rayong) new tire factory groundbreaking.this is the company's 22nd global, asia's sixth factory, a total investment of 265 million us dollars.plans to formally put into operation in 2019, the initial capacity of 4 million per year passenger cars and pickup truck tires, plans to hire about 900 local staff.according to industry estimates, the current world's fourth horse brand tires in five years into the world's top three, leading a new round of all-wheel tire pattern changes.