south korean tourists suddenly led to the airport road paralysis, but the truth but people laughed!

just past the golden week, the number of chinese people traveling to korea fact, not only the chinese people do not go to south korea, and even other countries to south korea also significantly reduced.therefore, this year's national day korea, whether it is the airport or the streets, are very deserted.

according to reports, six days before the national day, to south korea tourists a total of only 11.435 million people.but the strange thing is, when the number of people suddenly rose on the 8th, the day reached 120,000! leading to the day the streets of korea airport full of people, is it another chinese tourists began to pour a lot of south korea it? but in fact the fact is not the case.

why are all of a sudden influx of so many people? it was because korea had a total of 10 days off.the reason why more than 8 people, because the korean people are out to go back to focus, so it caused the airport, station, street road crowded.see this truth, the chinese people really can not help but matter what kind of means to attract from korea, we also disdain!

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