trump and soared china is laughing and not language!

he never imagined that, through the thousands of miles of water, scolded the world invincible hand; now the backyard is a fire, and recently ranked the top government officials-secretary of state tillerson, even curse he is an"idon"(moron).if the other party is a political opponent, such as hillary, curse can also be, after all, he is a small rocket"also scolding hillary is a"liar".

people in the rivers and lakes floating, how can not suffer knife?

but tilleson is not an ordinary person, he is the first minister of the choice of trump, the highest weight, in many countries, the secretary of state to enjoy the diplomatic treatment of the prime minister.

in the political sequence of the united states, the secretary of state is ranked fourth, and if the president has an accident, the vice-president and the speaker of the house of representatives are the secretary of state.power of the country fourth, whatever the outcome can be considered a state-level cadres.but the secretary of state, actually secretly scolded the boss is"idiot", curse also curse, the key is also reported by the media; and, tillerson did not explicitly denied, but said he would not go ignore these little things, that is, admitted to really scolded.

call the president is an idiot, but also if nothing had happened, which there is a little core awareness, really anti-anti.people scattered, the team really bad with.

trump's self-esteem, feeling 100000+hurt, to some extent, in his eyes, this blatant challenge, far higher than the korean nuclear bombs, russia's war , which is a great contempt for his authority, but also become a hot topic in the streets of the united states.

trump is the person who loves face.the more the outside world is laughing and silence, the more he furious.


trump has trump's approach.

really do not have to hand, a shot amazing!

he directly with tillerson under a war book:we both measured a test iq, who is stronger?

in an interview with"forbes"magazine recently, when the reporter asked this"idiot", the excitement of trump is so responsive:

i think this is false news.if tillerson really said that, we need to conduct an iq test.i will tell you who is the winner.

the same day, former secretary of state henry kissinger at the time and met trump something more to say, say that they say not to belittle tillerson."no, i do not belittle anyone,"trump said,"i do not need to belittle others."

several layers of meaning:

first, said it was false news, but never forget, in fact, trump was very clear, tillerson certainly scolded him as an idiot.

second, the most angry is that trump, tillerson criticize what is not, chosen to say he is an idiot, this is an open fight face ah, challenging his authority ah.

third, you know, trump most like to say, is how 2013, he also boasted that his iq was"much higher"than obama and george w.bush.during the election he also said that he had"very good brain", so do not need to consult his down, we did not remember these, it touches on remember"idiot".

fourth, trump personality is about to burst, and now his hands open face, must fight back, idiot iq is certainly very low, my iq bar, that tillerson, we to compare one to see who is really idiot.

the most recent american politics, because trump came to power , really good play even taiwan, climax after another, people amazing, two judgments it:

1, trump full of fighting spirit, is more and more fighting more and more.

he was struggling with the dprk in the push, he also fell the call of the australian prime minister, refused to merkel's handshake, with the mexican president on the phone call, in the country and media fighting was in full swing, now, he and his hands dry up.

you know, trump became president this year is also not to ah, to see then there are more than three years, the struggle will be more and more, more and more exciting.trump, is simply a"fight over the buddha"ah!

2, the united states more and more no rules, trump president more and more useless.

the united states used to be a world leader, of course, is the world police, command to do something, other countries dare not from.but trump came to power, almost all countries and trouble, and merkel are scolded the united states unreliable; north korea is very angry, directly criticized trump is old and confused......

pudd completely into a predicament, the more he can fight, the authority is more that tillerson can not bear, call him a big idiot.was accused of trump also do nothing, can only be used to past than iq.around the wave of resignation, all the big guys are respect for him, the secretary of state is not that he can withdraw the withdrawal.

trump has three years.

according to this trend to develop, the next three years, the united states more can not stop.encounter such an american president, for the americans, it is really a hundred years; for the chinese people, really is not a bad thing ah, if obama continues, hillary came to power, the united states can do this? can china have it now?

trump, then good dry oh.we will be a melon when the masses, watching the play, laugh and no language!

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