travel to japan do not do this thing carefully bankrupt


come together this morning, the fans will find friends....

circle and microblogging are in a mad pass a post, and many people may have seen:

the cause of the matter is a chinese tourists six months ago in japan kansai tourism, the father sudden heart disease, the situation is very critical.especially good japanese hospitals, in a penny did not receive the case, the whole operation to rescue the father of the tourists.after the settlement, surgery and hospitalization spent nearly 10 million yen(about 600,000 yuan).japanese hospitals take into account the economic situation of chinese tourists, promised to let them return after the installment, as long as 3,000 yuan per month as well.japanese hospitals were very trustworthy chinese tourists, and did not even ask each other to provide joint a result, chinese fathers were reluctant to continue to repay the japanese hospital's arrears and avoid all the links between japanese hospitals in the event that their father returned to china for less than half a year.helpless japanese hospitals had to contact the japanese who helped to do the the japanese to find the victim after the reply is the screenshot of the two screenshots......

tell true, fans good morning mood have been destroyed by this post:too much! so do not speak integrity, too much to the chinese people discredited! after the chinese tourists can not be in the japanese hospital for medical treatment? look at the posts below the comments, most of the friends and the mood are exactly the same as the jade, angry people cursed"scum","garbage","exposure to him", a little bit of reason people suggested that"legal proceedings to recover debt"

however, after consulting with senior legalists, fans found that the law could not help the good japanese hospitals.the case of the hospital if the choice of prosecution in japan, the court of course, no suspense will be sentenced to their victory, but the next decision how to implement it? according to china's civil procedure law, the decision of the foreign court to make legal effect, the ruling in china, is required by the chinese court to recognize and implement.but the problem is that the chinese court's recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions is premised on the conclusion or participation of bilateral or multilateral international treaties between the two countries that recognize and enforce court decisions, and that there is a need for reciprocal relations between the two countries without a treaty.if there is neither a treaty relationship nor a reciprocal relationship, china will not recognize and enforce the judgment of a foreign court.unfortunately, there is no international reciprocal relationship between the two countries that have not concluded or participated in mutual recognition and enforcement of court decisions and rulings.therefore, if the chinese tourists do not take the initiative to implement the japanese court's decision, through legal channels to solve the problem can only stay at the level of good this case, there are very few users questioned:please do not bother to curse, do not ask yourself! , in the face of a creditor has no ability to recover the huge debt situation, including those who are now accused of those who, including, how many people can do zaguomai to repay the debt?"this happened, should let us remind people, in the outbound travel as much as possible to buy insurance, rather than blindly condemned."

yu yu understand the meaning of this friend:not to say that the practice of avoiding debt is correct, but human nature really can not stand the test.the most sensible way is not to let such things happen.and, he did get the key to the matter-outbound travel(of course including travel to japan), be sure to buy! paul! risk!(in particular, we do not sell insurance!)

with the enthusiasm of people outbound travel rising, the frequency of accidents also of jade met in the united states accidentally broke his leg, was ambulance pulled to the hospital for surgical treatment.only the fracture only, received the hospital bill as much as tens of thousands of the absence of insurance, the person with a very high degree of education and a very decent job has also opted for a temporary payment of medical expenses.of course, the result is that he will not be able to re-enter the united states in the future...

in order to protect the healthy development of medical care and medical environment, many countries in the world, especially in developed countries, are expensive and expensive.but because countries have a corresponding social security system, so their nationals will not carry a heavy economic burden.however, for foreigners who can not enjoy social security care, huge medical bills is undoubtedly a nightmare.casually a small accident, it is possible to make you bankrupt.


at this time, if there is a sufficient security capacity to escort the policy, the situation will become very fact, many european countries have long been to buy huge insurance as a prerequisite for foreign tourists to enter the have repeatedly traveled to germany, france, spain and other countries meet, each time are forced to spend a small money to buy a value of 200,000 euros in the accident insurance.this insurance can cover the basic expenses that may occur during the stay.

japan vjc policy launched not long, foreign tourists million level was shorter in this regard is clearly no european country fully fact, in recent years, with the surge in overseas tourists, countries of tourists arrears in the japanese medical expenses have occurred(note that the japanese media also reported that the country is not just china, so that to regulate the behavior of all or rely on a sound system, not just rely on personal moral this issue, no country who dare to say 100% stand the test).this issue has caused the japanese media and official attention.i believe that in the near future, the japanese government will have the appropriate measures to deal with.

anyway, our travelers should take their own precautions and take the initiative to take security measures for themselves and their families.this is a responsibility for everyone.

according to yu fans understand the situation, the japanese insurance companies recently have begun to additional short-term entry for overseas visitors insurance, while domestic insurance companies basically have a short-term overseas travel insurance.therefore, we may come to japan before the multi-party comparison, choose one of the most suitable for their own this way, play together to be more at ease, more practical.

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